Have You Ever Heard of a Solar-powered Dairy? Read this Story:

The demand for solar energy for lighting up homes and offices is constantly increasing, and it is indeed heartening to see more and more people relying on solar energy to fulfill their electricity requirements. This time we have a yet another happy customer from Khambe village in Moga district, who decided to plug into the sun with the help of revolutionary technology by Su-kam – the Solarcon inverter.

They Story Behind Solar installation in the Khambe village unit of a Milk Company

The Khambe unit of Danone Nutricia is a small specialized healthcare division of the food company Danone, focused exclusively on research-based scientifically-proven nutrition, developed to meet the needs of patients and individuals for whom a normal diet is not sufficient or possible. The unit also includes a dairy farm. Frequent power-cuts were making the smooth functioning of the unit impossible.

solar in dairy

They had a 900va inverter but it was useless because the power-cuts were so bad that inverter was not able to charge the battery. When Su-Kam’s team member, Makhan Singh Dhillon, got to know of the situation he immediately suggested that they convert their existing inverter into solar system. We installed a 300 Watt solar power plant and Solarcon of unit 12v/16A. Solarcon is a super smart device which gets connected to any inverter or battery. When solar panels make energy, Solarcon saves this energy in battery. As soon as the batteries get fully charged, it runs all the connected load through solar energy saved in battery. It doesn’t use any electricity from mains. It is a mini off-grid solar system which is very cheap when compared to cost of other off-grid solar systems.

How Has Going Solar is helping the Company

Danone Nutricia has planned to solarify most of its plants in the country, and this is its second installation. It was done with the purpose of conserving electricity and saving money at the same time. It has been installed in an off-grid setup, which means it is not linked to the state supply in any way. It has not only helped the employees overcome electricity shortages in that area but also has given thousands of other businesses a chance to empower themselves. The total cost of the entire set-up was around 45,000 INR, but it is just a one-time investment as you save a lot on electricity bills after the installation.

If you are based in Punjab and want to solarify your home or company, please contact Mr. Makhan Singh Dhillon- 9855061317. Not in Punjab? Call us on 1800-102-7555.

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