Have You Heard About this Solar Lighthouse in Modi’s Gujrat?

India has a number of light houses located in India along the coastline that is administered by the Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships, Government of India. Two of such lighthouses located in District Bhuj (Jakhau port, Kutch) and the other in District Chudeshwar (Jamnagar) Gujarat recently decided to run all their load on solar.


The lighthouse consists of various types of electrical load like Computers, radar monitoring systems, Air conditioners, printers etc. Located in areas where electricity is scarce and where sunlight is in abundance this installation was a well thought out plan.


Su-Kam Power Systems limited was specifically chosen to carry out this installation. The order was given to Su-Kam’s authorized distributor M/S. Nilam from Micro Electronics. He has been with Su-Kam for over three and a half years. Nilam and Su-Kam’s team decided for the following specifications of the system to be installed.



  1. Su-Kam’s Solar Inverter– 30KVA
  2. Su-Kam’s Solar panels– 30KW (250W/24V)
  3. Su-Kam’s MPPT Solar Charge controller– 36V/120Amp
  4. Batteries– 60 cells


This is a typical off grid solar system. This system consists of solar inverter, solar panels, solar charge controller and batteries. When sun rays fall on the solar panels, DC power is produced which is passed through the solar charge controllers that controllers the power coming from panels and charges batteries. To run the load, the solar inverter converts DC power from batteries to AC and runs the load. This way mains is minimum utilized, and solar is maximum utilized.


The system installed runs almost all the load in the light house department on solar power and ensures that minimum electricity from mains is utilized.

To learn more about how an off grid solar system works please watch this video:


For more information please contact-

Mr. Ranjender Patel (Su-Kam’s Gujarat service head )- 08511442566

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