Have you heard of Solar powered Water Pump? This company in Gurgaon has installed it

What is a solar water pump?

Just as the name implies a solar water pump uses electricity generated by photo-voltaic panels to run the pump as opposed to grid electricity or diesel run water pumps.

Why use solar water pump?

Although solar energy has vast applications, Solar water pump is one great usage of solar energy that can be hugely beneficial to agriculture. Farmers can irrigate their farmlands by harnessing sun’s energy which is absolutely free and abundant. Farmers can be independent of unreliable grid connection and costly diesel generators to irrigate their farms. A solar water pump is truly a boon as the cost of installation is almost the only cost moreover they last for 20+ years with little maintenance.

The solar water pump system can be used to pump drinking water in societies and buildings and other sanitary uses of water.

Isn’t it simply awesome?


Su-Kam develops state-of-the art solar water pump

Su-Kam has done numerous solar projects in rural India. From bringing electricity to the villages of Uttar Pradesh that had never had electricity for centuries to installing solar powered RO water systems in village schools, Su-Kam has changed lives of thousands of India’s rural dwellers by harnessing sun’s energy.

One of the main problems of agriculture is water management. Even areas that receive a good amount of water through rainfall fail to be efficient in the field of agriculture. Thus, understanding the plight of poor farmers who are unable to nurture their farms because of serious power shortage Su-Kam has successfully developed a state-of-the art solar water pump that meets all the requirements of JNNSM, MNRE specifications for 2015-16. This revolutionary solar water pump can completely transform their lives.

A solar water pump in Su-Kam’s head office

Before launching it in the market Su-Kam has installed a solar water pump at its office premises to test this new innovation. The water pump is providing water supply to the entire office compound. In the next phase Su-Kam will launch this in the market.


Technical specifications:

The pump controller developed in Su-Kam’s R&D is based on Variable Frequency Driver which ensures that that the pump has the proper voltage and current. MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracking extracts the maximum power. Both these features render the pump controller highly efficient.

Want to install solar?

There is a solar solution to suit every budget and situation. Visit www.sukam-solar.com to find out the cheapest way to go solar.



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