Have You Seen Solar Parking in India?

At Su-Kam we practice what we preach – we not only tell everyone to go solar but are using the sunshine to power our office as well. We have solarized the rooftop of our headquarters and R&D unit in Gurgaon but we wanted to do more so we went a step further – we solarized our parking space!

Yes, the very innovative team Su-Kam has covered its parking lot with solar panels. This not only provides shade to the cars that generally become over heated under the scorching sun but also generates electricity for office use during the day.


How Does the Solar Parking Lot Work?

30 polycrystalline solar panels of 7.5kW are connected to grid-tie inverter. The inverter converts DC electricity into AC electricity and meets the power needs of our office.

How Solar Parking Will Generate Electricity Worth Rs. 25 lacs

The system generates about 30 units of energy on a sunny day
1 unit of electricity = Rs.9 (because we pay commercial rates)
30 units = Rs. 270 per day and Rs. 8100 per month

This translates into close to 1 lac per year and 25 lacs for coming 25 years.

The system will have a life of approx 25 years!

”Yes” to Solar and “No” to Diesel Generators/Gensets


Besides saving lacs of rupees, solar system is also 5 times cheaper as compared to diesel generators as they demand 1.5 litres of diesel per hour!

And how can we ignore the noise and air pollution caused by generators?

If you love the idea of our solar parking and are interested to go solar then please email us on


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