Have you seen Solar Rickshaw in India?

Got a terrace? Let’s put solar on it.

Got a rickshaw? Yeah, let’s solarize it too!

Surprised? Don’t be – because this we can #MakeinIndia . Team Su-Kam has successfully made a solar-powered electric rickshaw which can run longer than ordinary electric/battery rickshaws on the roads of Delhi.

solar powered rickshaw

How Does this Solar Rickshaw Work?

When sunlight falls on solar panels, which are on roof of this rickshaw, solar panels make DC electricity. This DC energy then goes to the batteries via a charge controller so that excess charge is not delivered to the batteries. The batteries get fully charged and power the rickshaw.

Use Solar While Waiting in Traffic and On the Run:

Solar PV modules charges the batteries while the waiting in traffic. During running condition, a portion of the solar energy along with battery power the motor. It has twin benefits

  1. The staring load on the batteries are reduced

  2. Batteries do not get deep discharged thus increases battery life

The rickshaw can easily be charged during night time with a separate solar charging station by simply installing a 1KW Su-Kam solar power solution.

How is this Solar Rickshaw Different and Better than Ordinary Electric Rickshaws in Delhi?

solar rickshaw

A normal battery rickshaw has to use conventional form of electricity to charge the batteries. They have to waste 2-3 hours in taking the rickshaw to electric charging station but with solar rickshaw you can charge batteries on the run from the sun!

Ordinary electric rickshaw can only go up to 65 km if the battery is fully charged but solar rickshaw increases the efficiency of the vehicle and it can go for a minimum 85 kms and even more as the charging through solar is always on.

Rickshaw Drivers Earn Rs. 60,000 More with Solar

Battery rickshaws have uplifted rickshaw ‘pullers’ to rickshaw ‘drivers’ but now with solar rickshaw they can make even more money as they can travel long distances without wasting time in charging the rickshaws.

Their revenue could increase by at Rs.150 – 200 per day i.e. 60,000 more every year!

solar autorickshaw

What exactly is in this Solar Rickshaw?

Number of Solar Panels: 4 * 100V Su-Kam solar panels have been used

Batteries: 4 Su-Kam LA Battery of 90 AH

Charge Controller: Su-Kam’s Charge Controller (40A / 48V)

Interesting Story Behind Solar Rickshaw

solar e-rickshaw in delhi

At Su-Kam it is our job to innovate —  our founder Kunwer Sachdeva, the Solar Man of India, believes ‘I innovate therefore I am’. When a young and talented Lakshey Sehgal, approached us with his idea of making solar-powered rickshaw, we decided to turn his dream into reality. Lakhey, the young protégé, holds a master’s degree in Green Energy Technology from UNESCO Madanjeet School of Green Energy Technology, Pondicherry University.

It made it to Academia: The projects findings have been published in the American Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy. Thanks, Lakshey Sehgal, for your commitment towards making our India Swacch and Green Bharat. We need more people like you.

Do you have ‘ek nayi soch’ (innovative ideas) for solarizing India? Share them with us by commenting on this blog and we may turn your ideas into action!



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