Heard of this Solar Art Gallery in Faridabad?

solar art gallery
The solar revolution is coming in India. Su-Kam is helping many schools, hospitals, homes, offices and petrol pumps go solar but we are amazed to see this love affair of technology and art – Su-Kam recently solarized a popular art gallery.

What Made this Art Gallery Run on Sun?

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The Rasaja Foundation – an educational, scientific and cultural institution created in 1984 – has a beautiful two-storey art gallery amidst the greens of Faridabad where art exhibitions take place every now and then. The who’s who of the city often visits the art gallery to admire the craftsmanship of the artists.

However this famous place was likely to face Faridabad’s infamous power cuts.

Most of the businesses in Faridabad use DG (diesel generators) for power back up which are noisy and bad for the environment as they consume litres and litres of diesel.

However, Shri Vijay Kaushik, a leading artist and Executive Council Member of Rajasa Foundation, choose to go the green way. Instead of giving a chance to the very unreliable electricity supply from the grid, HE decided to go off the grid! Su-kam’s off grid solar system was the obvious choice.

Must Read: Interesting Details of the Installation

Installing solar panels at the art gallery was a bit tricky because the roof was tilted but Su-Kam’s talented channel partner, Lakshey Sehgal, made it possible. “I have been doing many solar installations with Su-Kam but this was the first time that I had to put panels on this special titled roof.”

A few words from the renowned artist Mr. Vijay kowshik himself

“Their workmanship and delivery period is up to the mark.
I recommend M/S BA-PAN Engineering Co., dealer of Su-Kam for any such work after witnessing the quality of engineering and workmanship of the executed work at our site. They take a deep approach in designing the system, maintaining high standards in engineering design and quality.”

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Technical Specifications of The Off-grid Solar System

The solar system comprised of 3 KW/ 48V PCU with 180Ah tall tubular batteries.

3 KW modules provides power to the PCU with 4 tall tubular batteries that supply electricity at night.

The total number of solar panels used – 12.

The Cost Of Solar Power System

solar inverter

Within 15 days, the installation was over.

The entire solar power system including its installation came down to a cost of 3.5 lakhs rupees.

Let’s Calculate Solar Savings –

Today the art gallery runs solely on solar power. Fans, lights, air coolers and water pump – all function on solar energy.

The 3KW system generates electricity worth Rs. 50,000 per year. It is also 5 times cheaper than using generators.

Monitor the solar power system with your Laptop

Mr. Vijay Kaushik says, “to see how the system voltage, battery level, current and overall performance of the solar system, I simply have to plug this wire into my laptop – I can see all the details clearly then. I am so happy how easy and cost-effective this is.

I will recover the cost in just 5 years while getting 24×7 power.”

Want to go Solar?

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