Here’s how successful a Solar Business can be:

Solar Business is soon gaining popularity among masses. More and more people want to be associated with solar industry. Su-Kam Power Systems Limited is a pioneer in designing solar solutions for all your power related worries.

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Solar Success Story

Mohit Juneja is the owner of Mohit Batteries located at Sonipat, Haryana and distributer of Su-Kam products in Sonipat and Panipat. He has been associated with Su-Kam for the last 14 years. He started off as a fresher right after his graduation and had absolutely no experience of running a business. But his start-up started making gradual profits at a very initial stage contrary to his beliefs. He says that the best-in-class Su-Kam products had a very important role to play in this success. Till date, he has managed to make crores from the business with Su-Kam. He is a perfect example of how to grow as the organization grows. He is now a proud owner of an Audi car and credits it all to the company’s constant support and motivation.


According to Mohit, Su-Kam is the most preferred brand for the consumers looking for a UPS, Inverters and batteries. “The performance of the brand is great, and the consumers are really happy with the services provided,” says Mohit Juneja.

A meeting with Mr Kunwer Sachdev filled him with enthusiasm and fuelled the desire in him to be successful. There was no looking back for him after that. He also acknowledges the great sales and service team that have always provided constant support to him.

You can be successful too

Just like Mohit Juneja, you can make money too with solar business. Be a distributer or dealer with Su-Kam. Your dedication will surely result in success.


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