Hospital Goes Solar and Saves 25 Lacs

Jodhpur’s Hospital Will Save Rs. 25 lacs with Solar

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Till July last year, Chandra Bhushan Hospital in the blue city of Jodhpur was generating a whopping electricity bill of Rs 1 lakh per month.

It wasn’t surprising as this multi-specialty hospital, located opposite Mahamandir railway station, witnessed huge consumption of power, especially for round-the-clock routine, serological and biochemical hematological investigations in its well-equipped laboratories.

Also, added were costs of air-conditioning in its private rooms and air cooling in the general ward.

Hospital Makes Solar Savings

Chandra Bhushan Hospital

In a bid to reduce costs and also to opt for cleaner energy, the hospital management approached Su-Kam for an on-grid solar system, which is also known as the grid-tie inverter system.

And which better place to harness solar energy than Jodhpur located in the sunshine state of Rajasthan, which gets 300 to 330 clear sunny days.

“The hospital was able to add 40 units per day to its meter and also managed to cut down its electricity bill drastically. Over the course of 25 years, which is approximately the life of such a solar system, the hospital will save close to 25 lacs while use FREE solar electricity. Solar is a great investment”, says Mr Sonu Kilhore, an employee of Su-Kam who installed this system.

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The Specifications of Grid-tie Solar System

– 10 KWp grid-tie inverter to be mounted on the wall

– 40 solar panels of 250 Wp to be installed on the roof

– Special meter for monitoring the net metering

How Much Did it Cost to Install 10KW Grid-tie Solar?

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At Chandra Bhushan Hospital,

it took 8 lakhs for the inverter to be mounted, panels to be installed on the roof, wiring to be fixed and the civil work to be completed.

If installation of the Su-Kam on-grid system turns out to be so economical for a large-scale, multi-specialty, 45-bed hospital, just imagine on all the money you will be saving in installing such a system in your home or place of work.

Why Grid-tie?

Su-Kam’s grid-tie solar system was the perfect solution for this hospital in Jodhpur because while the electricity from grid is reliable it costs a lot.

Grid-tie systems are battery-less, which means maintenance-free.

And when you are in a place as sunny as Jodhpur, Going solar becomes an obvious choice.

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