Hot Tips for Power Conservation by Mr. Kunwer Sachdev



  • Know the BEE’s and LED’s- While selecting home appliances always select a BEE star rated appliance. The higher the BEE rating lower the power consumption. Switch to LED’s bulbs, tube lights etc. LED’s re more energy efficient. 
  • Ban the Standby- Never leave any appliance in the standby mode and always switch off the appliance from the mains too. 
  • Buy Cleverly– opt for Sine Wave inverters instead of square wave ones to save power consumption and protect your appliances too. While purchasing an AC opt for one with inverter technology. Make note of ratings and ensure that the installation is done by a certified electrician. 
  • Safety & Conversation– In winters opt for oil heaters instead of other heaters or blowers as they have low power consumption and are safe for health. The latter are known to cause several respiratory ailments and dryness.



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