How 2016 was ‘The Year of Solar’ for India: 5 Major Solar Advancements

2016 was no less than a roller-coaster ride. A lot of unpredictable things happened throughout the world – from Brexit to Trump to Demonetisation. Many iconic celebrities were lost. Instead of focussing on the negatives, let’s take a moment to appreciate the positive changes that happened in India. The way India’s solar scene progressed in 2016 is really commendable. When our PM Modi came to power, his Government set a very ambitious target of increasing the total solar power generation capacity of India to 100 GW by 2022 – this was nearly 5 times the target set by the previous Government. While many doubted its fulfilment initially, 2016 has proven that the target is achievable.

6 Major Solar Achievements of India in 2016

1) World’s Largest Solar Power Plant Launched in Tamil Nadu

world's largest solar power plant in india

The Kamuthi Solar Power Project in Tamil Nadu is the world’s biggest solar power plant. It has a capacity of 648 MW which can power over 1.5 lakh homes! With 2.5 million solar panels spread across an area of 2,500-acres, the power plant has upped India’s total solar power capacity by 10GW and international media is predicting that India may become world’s 3rd biggest solar market after China and the U.S. Before this plant, California’s Topaz Solar Farm was the biggest solar power plant with capacity of 550MW. Our solar plant has surpassed it now. #JaiHind


2) Chennai Metro Rail Goes Solar

chennai metro rail solar

In the middle of 2016, another great solar news came from Tamil Nadu. The Chennai Metro Rail installed grid-tie solar to save the power cost of 1 crore per year.  The 1MW grid tie solar photovoltaic system on the terrace of the Head Office of Chennai Metro Rail Ltd, installed by Su-Kam, comprises of 3200 solar panels and generates over 1 lakh units of electricity monthly. Team Su-Kam feels truly proud to support the Government in increasing the solar capacity of our country. #MeriJaanHindustan

3) World’s 1st Fully Solar Powered Airport Opened in Kochi

world's largest solar power plant in india

In March 2016, India made headlines across the world for opening world’s first 100% solar-powered airport in India. The airport being 7th busiest airport in India consumes a massive amount of energy (approx 48,000 units per day). The authorities decided to cut down cost and harm to the environment by going solar. Kochi airport’s 12MW solar plant, that comprises of over 45,000 solar panels, has now made the airport self-sufficient. It generates all the energy that it consumes! This has set such a great example for rest of the world that many countries are visiting Kochi to learn more about the “Cochin model” and replicate the system in their countries.#BharatMataKiJai

4) Indian Company Created World’s 1st Touchscreen Solar PCU

solar touchscreen

A 100% ‘Made in India’ company, Su-Kam, created world’s 1st hybrid solar inverter that is fully touchscreen, wi-fi enabled and can be controlled by downloading a smartphone app. Isn’t that a great innovation. When you can have touchscreen smartphones, why can’t you have touchscreen smart solar inverters? The innovative award-winning product is manufactured in India, but is sold in more than 90 countries worldwide. #MeraBharatMahaan

5) Hundreds and Thousands of Indians Installed Solar

india is going solar

This year, many households, offices, schools, offices and even villages realized the benefits of solar power and decided to go solar. Su-Kam’s blog is full of solar stories from across the country. We are also happy to reveal that most of the searches on Su-Kam’s websites were for ‘solar’. Su-Kam’s Youtube channel that has many interesting solar installation videos grew manifold and lakhs of Indians watched the videos to get answers about solar. #ILoveMyIndia

Thank you for reading our blog. We hope that it made you feel good about 2016. Happy New Year!





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