How a PG in Manesar tackled 23 hours of power cut per day

Manesar, a fast-growing industrial town in Gurgaon district is gearing up to becoming the next industrial hub of India. But on the flip side some pockets of this town are reeling under poor infrastructure and serious power shortage.

manesar solar

PG gets just 1-2 hours of electricity per day

As we all know power shortage can be a nightmare for everyone especially business owners and students; so power became even more indispensable for this Paying Guest in Manesar as it was getting only 1-2 hours of electricity per day?

manesar solar

Solar comes to rescue

This paying guest in Manesar’s sector 8 decided to install solar to end their power woes. The owner got in touch with Su-Kam’s channel partner Mr. Jagvinder Malik, owner of SunGrid Electric Pvt. Ltd., who after a careful study of their power requirement advised that they install a 10 KW solar power plant on their rooftop.


Technical specifications:

PG gets non-stop power supply – Thanks to Solar!

Now with the solar plant the PG gets electricity throughout the day and the batteries store energy to provide electricity during night time. Students can study whenever they want to without worrying about blackout. The plant runs the load of the entire building which has 10 rooms and also a transport office.

The entire set up cost approximately Rs 10 lakhs which the owner will recover within a few years.

manesar solar

Want your own solar plant? – contact Su-Kam’s channel partner

To start your solar journey get in touch with Jagvinder Malik owner of Sungrid Electric Pvt. Ltd., Sohna Road Gurgaon. Dial 9210200051 and say goodbye to power cut and hefty electricity bill.

Got questions about going solar? Visit Su-Kam’s new solar website to find answers and check out the entire range of solar products.



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