Delhi Jal Board Saves 7 Lacs by Going Solar with Su-Kam

# What is Jal Board? What it is responsible for?

Delhi Jal Board, which is called DJB in short form, is a government organization in authority of water supply to National Capital Territory region of Delhi.



# How Delhi Jal Board Saves 7.2 Lacs by Going Solar with Su-Kam

Delhi’s Aam Admi Party may or may not make electricity free but Su-kam surely has been doing it for years by tapping the free energy of solar through solar grid-tie and off-grid solutions.

Lacs and lacs of Indian households and businesses are reaping the benefits of Su-Kam’s solar solutions.

Recently Delhi Jal Board decided to go solar and Su-Kam was their obvious choice.

Let’s Find out more:

It makes us immensely happy to share that Su-Kam’s solar grid-tie system will not only provide clean and green power to Delhi Jal Board (DJB) but will also result in an annual saving of about 7.2 lacs which means 1.7 crores over a period of 25 years as solar grid-tie system has a long life of 25 years.


# Su-kam Grid Tie Solar Configuration @ Delhi Jal Board

Lets take a short look at the solar PV and Grid tie inverter configuration for Delhi Jal Board.

Two Su-kam Grid Tie Inverters of 25 KW each

Two hundred solar PhotoVoltaic Modules of 250 watts each

This setup will produce 90,000 units of electricity per year (approx)

Approximate Savings Per Year = Rs.7.2 lacs

# Benefits of Taking Solar to Next Level in India

In India, Su-kam is the leading solar solutions providing company in Rooftop top solar projects, residential segment with more than 20% market share in this competitive industry.


Speaking on this government project, Mr.Kunwer sachdev, Su-kam MD said that government’s interest and support in taking solar to next level is very much encouraging and the power crisis which we face today will be eradicated in future with renewable energy sources and particularly solar energy.

The Solar backup solution in Delhi Jal board is a complete customized solution by Su-kam.

Also it is an example of utilizing the renewable energy for providing uninterrupted power supply and making a move towards using green energy for daily life.

Let’s Go Green! Go Solar!



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