How Does a Grid-Tie Solar System Work?

# How Does Grid-Tie Solar System Work: A short and simple explanation

1.Solar panels convert energy from coming from sun into electric energy, Direct Current (DC), which is sent to inverter.

2. The inverter then converts DC it into Alternating Current (AC) because you can’t use DC directly – all your electronics need AC supply. Another important thing that the grid-tie inverter does is to regulate the charge. The PV cells may make excessive DC but all that DC can’t be fed into your main supply as it may be too much to handle. Inverter regulates the voltage of DC that it gives to the main supply.

3. Inverter converts DC into usable AC and feeds to the main supply.

4. Now that it is in your main supply, you can power your electrical appliance and enjoy free, clean and green solar.



What is AC/DC and why it is important .

# What happens to grid-tie solar system when it is cloudy/rainy

In the absence of sun the solar panels won’t generate the quantity of power that you may need and that is why it is connected to the grid. Remember, it is called grid-tie solar system for a reason. It will then power by taking from grid so that you enjoy non-stop power no matter what how it is like outside.

# How Grid-tie Solar System Saves You Money

– When PV solar panels are generating DC and inverter is feeding to the main supply after converting it into AC, you are saving money because you are taking absolutely NOTHING from the grid.

You can literally see your electricity meter stop when there is sun.

– As electricity keeps getting expensive you are likely to recover the entire cost of solar system in just 3 years as you are not paying much to the electricity company

# With Net-Metering Policy – Sell electricity to Grid

– In areas where net-metering policy is in place you can even see solar grid-tie system feeding excess power that it makes back to the grid and your electricity meter going backward. You can make money by selling power that you make from sun to your electricity company.

However, this system may take some time to operate in India.

# Why Net-Metering is Important

Under our PM Modiji’s regime, all Indian states are giving preference to solar and talks of implementing net metering are rife and some Indian states have implemented already.

No. of States that have Net metering policies (either in draft or finalized) – 8 states

No. of States with Solar policies or scheme – 9 states

Once that happens in your area, you can make a lot of money just by selling power back to the grid – no need to work your ass off! We are not kidding – in US, Australia and many European countries many people, who have done large solar installations, are getting rich just by selling power

Our MD, Kunwer Sachdev, has also been speaking in favour of net-metering policy. You can watch his interview to ET Now on the same subject to know more.

We hope that we have convinced you to go solar — be it for saving the environment or for saving money or for the sake of convenience of having power 24X7.

We’d love to install solar in your house.

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