How Does This Solar-powered Cooler Work? On Jugaad!

India is famous for ‘jugaad’a term loosely associated with low cost innovation or , in other words, making do with what you have. One such innovative Indian tried jugaad with solar.

When Kunwer Sachdeva Saw an Interesting Solar Installation

Recently Su-Kam’s Managing Director Mr. Kunwer Sachdeva was travelling to Agra.

While crossing a small village in UP called Jhuppa, he noticed a Su-Kam solar panel resting against a wooden stool at a road side shop.

Piqued with curiosity, he immediately asked his driver to stop the car and went to take a closer look.

The solar panel rested was directly connected to a locally made cooler which seemed to be working as well!

Upon asking, the shopkeeper replied that he had bought the panel from a local dealer who had informed him that Su-Kam’s solar panel is the sturdiest and of the best quality in the market. The arrangement helps him to tackle the extreme summer heat of the region without paying a dime extra in his electricity bill.

Why is this a Jugaad Solar Cooler?

This type of installation qualifies to be off-grid installation which generally requires solar panels on a galvanized structure on rooftop. There is also a battery bank attached which stores the excess solar power generated. Then an inverter is used to convert DC electricity from solar to usuable AC electricity to power appliances. But our man here simply bought a solar panel, put it out in the sun and wired it up to his cooler. They cooler can run directly on DC and has an in-built solar charge controller too!

An extremely effective solution at a low cost. This, in my opinion, is in our opinion of the best examples of “Jugaad” – using one’s common sense to find a “shortcut” for a troubling problem with or without expensive conventional solutions.


If you have come across any solar innovations in India, please tell us by commenting below.



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