How Going Solar Changed the Life of this Family in West Bengal

Recently, Su-kam team reached Panskura in West Bengal to install off grid photovoltaic (PV) solar system to solve power problems of a lovely family. Sumit Dutta, a proud member of the Su-kam family, who has been working as Su-Kam’s channel partner for over a year now, has shared with us his experience in seeing the joy in the eyes of the family who owns a Su-kam off grid PV system now.

Indian Family Goes Solar

Why this Bengali Family Decided to Go Solar?

A family of four – Mr Siba Prasad Podder, his wife, his daughter and his little son – had faced a tough time during power cuts, prior to the installation of the off grid solar system.The area where they live in Panskura faces many powercuts especially during summer and monsoon month — in 2013 the region was heavily affected by flooding.


Mr and Mrs Podder had told Mr Dutta that power cuts were so frequent and long that even an inverter couldn’t help much — they were forced to live in dark. Their children could not study in the dark and they always had to rely on candles or battery lamps during load shedding. Mr. Podder says, “During summer, the heat would take a toll on my kids ‘health; they could not concentrate on their books and had to put an unwanted extra effort to do well in the exams. Su-kam’s off grid PV system is like a boon after our long struggle!”

What is Off-grid Solar?

Off grid solar system is a stand-alone power system that is not connected to a grid. If we go more literally, ‘off-the-grid’ can be referred to living in a self-sufficient manner without relying on the main power supply.

Sukam solar Panels

What Mr Siba Prasad Podder and his family at Panskura required was no interruption during power cut so that their kids could study well and a cost-saving, economical electricity generating system.

Rooftop Solar Configuration

250 watts (24 Volt) Su-kam solar panels  – 12 Nos

180Ah / 12 Volt x 8 Tall Tubular Batteries

Total Capacity of Solar panels Installed –  3 KW (3000 watts)

with Su-Kam solar PCU(5 K.V.A. / 96 V.D.C)

Mounted on 12 feet height from the roof surface of the Podder house, the off grid solar system had 12 of 250 watt/ 24 volt Su-kam made polycrystalline PV panels. Now, the family could enjoy smooth, uninterrupted electricity with the sun shining bright and bringing light into their lives.

Indian Family Goes Solar

Su-Kam's Solar PCU

Su-Kam's Solar Distributor in West Bengal

Thank you. Mr. Sumit Dutta for helping people go solar in West Bengal. We are very happy to have you on board team Su-Kam. If you live in West Bengal and want to install solar then please visit his website Eco Electric.

Off grid solar system opens up to a world of benefits for customers:

  • Uninterrupted power supply: Off-grid solar systems come with a battery bank where excess solar energy is stored for future use. So, when it’s a cloudy day you can still enjoy your movie in your LCD or sleep like a baby in the air conditioner without any interruption.

  • Independent power supply: Off-grids work irrespective of grid availability as it is supplying the electricity either directly through solar or from the batteries.

  • Steady voltage without using a voltage stabilizer separately: High-quality PV charge controller is the most important component within the solar off-grid systems as it controls the flow of current to and from the battery, to protect it from over charging after reaching the required voltage within the battery.

  • Eco-friendly power: Going “off-grid” is becoming an increasingly popular choice for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. India is the third largest producer of toxic greenhouse gases, most of it comes from burning coal for electricity.

  • Renewable power: Yes, you heard it right! If you have a desire to use less energy and make as much as possible from renewable sources, off grid is the answer.

  • Savings in the monthly electricity bill: With powering homes with off-grid system, it makes absolute economic sense. It becomes cheaper to generate one’s own electricity rather than purchasing it from the grid.

With so much to offer and nothing really to take away, every person should opt for off-grid PV system. It’s your friend for life!

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