150KWP Solar Power Plant at IFFCO Tower, Gurgaon

Wow! Gurgaon is going solar to save the environment by running load on clean energy and reduce the electricity bills. It is great to see that the rapid growth of Gurgaon is now powered by a renewable source of energy, i.e. the sun.

Recently, 150 KWP grid-tie solar plants have been installed at two sites in Gurgaon. Under this project, a 100 KWP solar plant has been installed in the parking area of IIFCO tower in Sector 29, Gurgaon and a 50 KWP solar power plant in Sardar Patel Bhavan in sector 32, Gurgaon.


Why IIFCO went solar?

Gurgaon is often hailed as the rising face of new India because of the pace at which it is progressing, both in terms of economy as well as infrastructure. IIFCO Tower is one of the state-of-the-art building located in the heart of Gurgaon. This building is the office of three blooming organisations SIEMENS, Iffco-Tokio General Insurance and GlobalVantedge.

Now, going solar will not only ensure clean, green, renewable energy generation but also enhance the revenue generation.

Technical Specifications of Grid-tie Solar Power Plant at IIFCO Tower

Savings and Electricity Generation: This 100 KWP grid-tie solar plant setup in the parking area of IIFCO Tower will generate approximately two lakh five thousand units per year and a saving of nearly Rs. 12,60,000 per annum.

Technical Specifications of Grid-tie Solar Power Plant at Sardar Patel Bhavan

  • 200 Solar Panels of 250 Watt each
  • 1 Grid-tie Inverter of 30VA
  • 1 Grid-tie Inverter of 20VA

Savings and Electricity Generation: This 50 KWP grid-tie solar plant setup on the rooftop of Sardar Patel Bhavan will generate approximately one lakh five thousand units of energy per year which will then be converted to a saving of nearly Rs. 6,30,000 in a year.

The working of these setups:

When sunlight falls on solar panels, they generate DC electricity which goes through an iron box (or the Added Junction Box) to the inverters where the actual processing takes place. The inverter transforms the DC electricity to AC power to run the load. Also, the Grid-tie inverters have an inbuilt charge controller.

100KWp IFFCO..

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