How Modi’s Gujarat is Going Solar

India’s eighth largest city and fourth amongst the fastest developing cities in the world, Surat has added another feather to its crown recently. It has made it to the list of 50 solar cities to be developed by a master plan recently approved by the government.


The Solar City aims at reducing minimum 10% of the projected demand of conventional energy at the end of five years. The target is achieved through a combination of enhancing supply from renewable energy sources in the city and energy efficiency measures.

In lieu with this changing scenario of energy requirement from an alternative and environmentally sustainable source, Shreeji Power Systems, a channel partner with Su-Kam is making fair contribution towards achieving the target by installing solar inverters.


Technical specification of installations for two households

The set can power four tube lights, five fans, one television set and one refrigerator of 165L.

The power supplied by Fusion model UPS is better than the power supplied from the mains. The appliances that are fed from the power generated by it produce no humming irritating sound and require less maintenance. During power failure, the switch over time is only a few milliseconds, hence the connected appliances receive uninterrupted power supply and need not reboot. Users can manipulate the pace of charging of the batteries using its built-in dual charging mechanism. The system also displays warning and shuts down messages automatically when the temperature gets too high.

Technical specification of installations for other households

  • Two 250 watt solar panels
  • Solar Con PV Charge Controller of 24V/16 amp
  • Two pieces of tubular battery of 100 AH
  • Falcon Sine Wave Home UPS 1400VA

Falcon Sine Wave Home UPS provides regulated and distortion free power for the safe running of the appliances. With its SMPS based charger the amount of AC power required to charge the batteries is reduced. DC supply to batteries is also cut short proving the batteries longevity. Its superior HCLC technology provides protection to appliances if there are any irregularities in the grid supply.

Why should you go solar?

Mr Bhavnish Rathore, who spearheads the installation work in and around Surat, pointed out one big reason for taking up solar inverters in areas that do not even suffer frequent power cuts. “Solar inverters keep electric appliances in better condition compared to electricity from the mains. They also cost easy on pockets at a long run after an initial investment which is worth it compared to the sophisticated home appliances in use.” said Mr Rathore.


People have become much more responsible towards environment. When the entire city is going solar, the households are also actively participating to be a part of the change.

Big News!

Gujarat government has revised its solar power policy and as per new policy government will gives exemption in transmission charge and loss, wheeling charge and loss and electricity duty for the rooftop solar power projects to households, government and industry also.

Dial 9824198846 to reach Mr Bhavnish Rathore or launch a query at 1800-102-7555.


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