How Smart! This Man in UP Uses His Existing Normal Inverter to Generate Solar Power

I come across a million examples of increasing number of people are not only opting for solar, they are also going in to convert their existing backup systems to a solar based back up system.


And here is another such story. With real examples we can understand how solar energy can be actually be beneficial and can make a real difference in someone’s life.


Mr. Sanjay Jain, an old customer of Su-Kam lives in Sonbhadra district Uttar Pradesh. The area that Sanjay lives experiences frequent power cuts. So it was mandatory to have a power back up. So he went on to install Su-Kam’s state of the art shark inverter at his home. He was quite pleased with its working but Sanjay now wanted his home load to run on solar.


He discussed length with his family and friends and after getting a positive response from everyone he decided it was now time for his home to go solar. And so he contacted Mr. Ashwini (Authorized distributer of Su-Kam from ‘Anya Green Energy’). Mr. Ashwini has been with Su-Kam’s solar products for many years and has carried out a number of installations across Uttar Pradesh.

He advised Sanjay Jain that to install a solar system in his home the best deal would be to convert his existing inverter into a solar inverter and run his load on solar. For this installation Ashwini installed the following system in Sanjay’s home.


  1. Su-Kam’s Existing inverter (Shark)- 1600VA
  2. Su-Kam’s Tall Tubular Batteries 150AH- 2 in number
  3. Su-Kam’s Solar charge controller(PWM)- 12V/24V/48V
  4. Su-Kam’s Solar panels 1.5KW- (250W/12V-5 in number)



This solar system will run the following load-

  1. Cooler- 1
  2. Televisions- 2
  3. Fans- 4
  4. Lights- 17

It is expected to generate approximately 7.5 to 8 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. Mr. Sanjay is extremely happy with the installation. The system is now running on solar. Ashwini says ‘We have installed the system accurately according to their load requirements. They will be able to run all of their appliances comfortable on solar, which will greatly reduce their monthly electricity bill’.


We wish Mr. Sanjay and his family all the best and hope to serve him and his family again in future. It was a pleasure to associate with him.

To understand how an off grid solar system works please watch this video-

For further details please contact-

Mr. Ashwini(Anya Green Energy)- 07607778600

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. Sanjay Jain

New Colony




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