How Solar is Helping Businesses Save Rs. 72,000 per Month

kerala solar panelsHomes are shrinking and offices are expanding. Every organization is looking forward to build a holistic working environment so that the employees can gel with their work and colleagues. Research has found that it has increased productivity many folded.

That is why when Mr. Sharma was expanding his business he wanted to take a bigger office space. The rent was high owing to the rising real estate prices but what came as a breather was the electricity bills that was almost less half than what other offices in the area of the same size were paying monthly. He has installed solar inverter at his residence a couple of years back which yielded favorable results. This made him choose the same for his work station. Gradually many other offices in the locality converted their energy source to solar from conventional grid electricity and increased their profit margins.

Electricity supply in Kerala

Kerala government has attracted a lot of foreign investment in the last few years. Home grown companies are also growing in tandem with the foreign brands. However, face of electricity in the city has not changed yet in small town like Cochin which faces frequent power cuts.

kerala solar panels

Creative Business Corporation in Cochin has already made over 100 installations in the city and nearby areas. Not just a pioneer for residences, it has also consistently contributed towards building the commercial scene of the city. Their two most ambitious projects are at M/s. Poonithura Co-op Bank accomplished in May, 2013 and M/s. Tourism and Hotel Development Association in May, 2015.

The technical specification of the solar project:

Su-Kam 6KVA Solar Offgrid Power Plant at M/s. Poonithura Co-op Bank, Petta, Tripumithura

1 Solar PCU – 6KVA/96V

20 Solar Panels – 250wp/24V

16 T.T. Battery – 180AH/12V

Total cost for the project – Rs. 7, 40, 320

The 8000 sq. feet bank operates from 10 AM to 5 PM for six days and have 10 PC terminals, eights fans and double the number of tube lights and air conditioners.

kerala solar panels

The Secretary of the Bank Mr. Earghese talking to Su-Kam expressed his satisfaction on using solar inverters. “The setup is working very well. The Electricity bill has come down to 6,000 bimonthly from 13,000 which almost half. We are looking forward to upgrade it by 1KV in near future.”

Su-Kam 6KVA Solar Offgrid Power at M/s. Tourism and Hotel Development Association

1 Su-Kam Solar PCU – 3KVA/48V

10 Solar Panels – 250wp/24V

4 Battery – 150AH/12V

PCU and installation cost – Rs. 54, 654 excluding solar panels and battery

kerala solar panels

Performance of Su-Kam Solar PCU

The tourism office operates resorts in Munnar, Ooty and Kodikanal. Mr. James, a channel partner with Su-Kam in Kochin said, “Initially this project was installed by Borg team. However, due to the poor performance of the system, customer sought support with Su-Kam. We installed a PCU and the setup is working fine now. We have also installed a 3KVA system at the residence of the tourism officer last year and was working satisfactorily. Now he is very much satisfied with the performance of the new Su-Kam PCU at his office.”

To contact Creative Business Corporation dial 09895233933 or launch a query at 1800-102-4423.

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