Su-Kam’s Falcon plus Enters into Libya

Why Libya Trusts ‘Made in India’ Brand

falcon plus inverter

It is a great patriotic movement when you see an Indian brand getting love and appreciation in foreign countries. When people prefer “Made in India” over Chinese and American products.

This has been happening in the inverter industry where Su-Kam, a 100% Indian company, rules the Indian and foreign markets.

Story of a Libyan Man Who Wanted Nothing but Su-Kam

Although rich in natural resources, Libya the North African country, faces huge power deficit. The power situation is so bad that even main cities like Tripoli and Bhengazi have outages lasting 10 hours or longer. So, you can imagine the state of smaller towns and villages. Inverters have become ‘must-have’ in Libya.

‘Yes’ to Su-Kam, ‘No’ to ‘Chinese’

A year ago Mr. Abu Baker Zarrug was troubled by frequent power cuts in his country Libya. Seeing his work and daily life getting affected by the blackouts he went ahead and bought a Chinese inverter.

Happy with his purchase he quickly connected the inverter to the batteries. But his happiness was short lived.

The Chinese inverter broke down due to a short circuit.

The inverter was of such inferior quality that it could not withstand even a minor short circuit. Turns out the ‘fuse’ a small component in inverters that protects it during short circuit was missing.

The next morning Mr. Zarrug went straight to a repair shop. The shopkeeper instantly told him that his Chinese inverter was a poor quality product.

The shopkeeper ushered him into the next room and pointed at a Su-Kam inverter saying “This is a good quality”.

Mr. Zarrug started looking for Su-Kam inverters from that day onwards.

falcon plus sukam

Why Falcon Plus is Extra Special:

Su-Kam’s inverters/UPS are always baased on best technology but Falcon plus is a step ahead. It is a smart inverter – just like your smart phone. It runs on patented ATC technology – It can automatically adjust charging after sensing outside temperature. It is powered by 4th generation microprocessor and can be used with battery of any size.

Read more about its any interesting features.

Su-Kam Growing in Libya:


So happy is he with Su-Kam’s inverter that a month back he imported 102 units of Su-Kam’s Falcon + inverter.

When asked about the response of the Libyan market to Su-Kam’s products he says “not many know about it right now, but those who do, like it…they like the quality and the value of the product.”

Su-Kam sure is making a place for itself in the hearts and minds of the Libyan population. After being crowned as ‘Most Reliable Brand of Africa‘, it looks like very soon Su-Kam will become the best inverter brand of India.



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