How This 100% Made in India Brand is becoming a Favorite in Middle East


As you may already know many countries in the Middle East such as Yemen, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, etc. are facing trouble times. We have been writing about it in our previous blog posts. People in these countries are suffering from a lot of adversities, especially from the long unending powercuts. Such powercuts often disrupt the daily lives. Imagine, a place where lives are saved − the hospitals having frequent powercuts, students having to study in the dark and schools functioning in the dark too. It’s hard to imagine life without power supply these days when we are all so dependent on wi-fi and the machines which operate through electricity such as microwave oven, mixers, dryers, etc.



However, in such a scenario, it is a moment of great pride for all Indians that a 100% Made in India brand, Su-Kam is helping the people in these countries through its products. Su-Kam’s solar products are becoming very popular and therefore, Su-Kam is one of the most trusted and reliable brands in Middle East these days. Su-Kam already has channel partners in this region and now it has its very own service centre too, which is of course benefitting people to sail through these hard times.



Kunwer Sachdev, Founder and MD of Su-Kam, went to Dubai with his wife, Khushboo Sachdev, to inaugurate Su-Kam’s brand new service centre.


He says, “I am very happy to see that a 100% Made in India company is becoming one of the most trusted brands in Middle East. Su-Kam is glad to provide solutions to the power problems being faced by people in the Middle East. We plan to come up with more innovative products to meet the need and help the people.”









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