How this Examination Centre in Nasik Runs 250 Computers on an Inverter

A new examination center that will conduct all official government examinations like Army/Navy/BankPO recruitments has been recently opened in Nasik. This examination center holds 250 computers on which candidates will take their online exam.

The examination center required battery backup to run their computers so that there is no problem faced by the candidates during the exam in case of an unfortunate power cut. A company called Pro skills tech farm enterprises was carrying out the whole construction process of this company and approached Su-Kam to install two large high capacity online ups in the center for a full-time power backup for the computers.

Mr. Swapnil owner of this company then approached Mr. Kamlesh Su-Kam’s Authorized distributor in Nasik and asked to install the perfect online UPS for this center.

Su-Kam’s online UPS ranges from 1KVAto 100KVA and is designed and developed to provide uninterrupted power supply to small and large scale enterprises that makes it an excellent power backup option for areas affected from frequent power cuts.


The reason why an online UPS is called ‘online’ is because the batteries are ‘always’ connected to UPS so power transfers are not required. As in, no power transfer from mains mode to battery mode or battery mode to mains mode. So we can say there is zero change over time. But how is that useful? The online UPS is perfect for equipment’s that are highly sensitive to power switches. They shut down and cannot resume normal functioning in the situation of power transfers from mains to battery mode and vice versa.

A generator will lose its efficiency with time. They need periodic maintenance from authorized agencies which costs a lot more. You don’t really have to worry about that with an online UPS. Just install and forget.

su-kam online ups for computers

Then our authorized distributor from Nasik Mr. Kamlesh advised them to install Su-Kam’s online UPS in the center. After understanding their load requirements he installed the following-


  1. Su-Kam’s Online UPS- 20KVA/360V (2 in number)
  2. Battery 25AH/12V (60 in number- for 15mins back up)


This Online UPS system will run the entire load of the examination center that will include about 250 Computers.

The installation was a massive success.

Mr Kamlesh says ‘We have installed two systems in the examination center of 20KVA after understanding their load requirement. That area does not experience power cuts. They just required battery back up of 15mins in case of any emergency. Mr. Swapnil and company specially requested for Su-kam’s inverter system since they had a good impression of the company from previous installations. We were happy to help them through the entire installation process.’

We are glad to be a part of government initiatives and hope to lend a helping hand in every way possible.

After much consideration and demand for online UPS in the market, Su-Kam has recently launched an all exclusive solar online ups. Click this video to understand how it works –

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For further details please contact –

Mr. Kamlesh (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor – Sudarshan solar system) – 09923474600

Contact the customer –

Mr. Swapnil – 09423483813

Company name – Pro Skills Tech farm Enterprises




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