How This Indian Company is Solarizing Yemen: Must Read Story of How Solar is Helping the People of Yemen

A country at war may be in turmoil but the people do not stop living. Life must go on, no matter what. Despite all the hardships that an impending war brings upon its citizens, the people strive to bring normalcy into their lives.

During a war it is commonplace for perpetrators to destroy a country’s economy by sabotaging its power lines. The same is happening in Yemen.

Civil War shrouds Yemen in Darkness

The Yemini civil war broke out in 2015 but what it hasn’t been able to break is the spirit of Yemenis. The war has destroyed power transmission lines, taking out much of the country’s electricity.

Ideally people would rely on backup generators but the war has cut off fuel supply nationwide. Due to the shortage fuel prices have soared to ridiculous heights. Not everyone can afford it.

but Life goes on in Yemen

In Yemen children are going to school, men are going about their business; life hasn’t stopped for them despite the raging war. With electricity gone for a year now, things could have been very difficult. But the people of Yemen have embraced solar energy.

Demand for solar energy skyrockets in Yemen

In an act of desperation Yeminis have turned to the sky to power their homes. Solar energy has become a necessity here.

People have to constantly live in darkness. You can’t even charge your phone,” says Su-Kam’s distributor Mr. Abdul Rahman owner of Almotamad Power Solutions. “Solar energy is a huge respite to the people here; at least something is going right,” he adds.

Su-Kam Distributor Almotamad Power Solutions solarizes Yemen

Mr. Rahman says that solar energy has helped the country to keep up float during such hard times. Without solar the country would plunge into darkness. He has installed a number of solar systems in Sanaa, the country’s capital. From homes, to health clinics, to offices and historical buildings he has energized all sectors. Solar energy is illuminating the entire country.

To reach Almotamad Power Solutions contact Mr. Abdul Rahman by dialing +967711097111

Su-Kam going strong in Yemen

With a branch office in Dubai and several distributors in the region, Su-Kam has a strong presence in the Middle East.

Su-Kam’s products are trusted for its quality.

The market is flooded with solar products from China, Europe, India…everywhere. The competition is pretty fierce. But Su-Kam’s quality is unmatched. People who value quality and genuineness always go for Su-Kam,” says Mr. Rahman.

Sell Su-Kam in Your Country

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Before we end this blog we wish to say that we have great respect for people of Yemen. Su-Kam has many dealers and distributers in the country and all of them are very nice and kind people. We are very saddened to see the violent political situation in the country. We hope that things get better soon.



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