How This Solar Installation in my Farm is Making Me Save 1 Lac Per Year!

Electricity Condition in Punjab

Mr. Vipin owns a poultry farm located in the village area of Punjab. The area in which this farm is located receives no electricity. Vipin was struggling with this issue for a year and was managing with fuel lamps and he ran 3KW load on a generator to light up his small house and the farm and carry out his daily work. He spent highly on the generator to run his load.

One day Vipin decided to walk into the city in the hopes of looking for a solution to his problem. Some of his neighbours had installed a power backup system in their homes. So Vipin walked into Mr. Amit’s shop from Ishaan enterprises to buy a power backup system.

Amit understood his issues and introduced him to the concept of solar power! Vipin was impressed and decided to go in for a solar power system to light up his poultry farm.

Punjab receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 12 hours and 14 mins of daylight in this month of March, a solar installation would bring all the right results.

What Is Brainy Eco Solar Inverter And How Does It Work?


This is how the installation of Brainy Eco looks. It is an intelligent off-grid solar system that runs both on solar and mains. In this hospital, for example, if they want to use mains power whenever it is available, they can select grid priority so that whenever mains is available the load will run on mains and battery will charge by mains. On all other times, it will give priority to solar. The same way one can select solar priority to maximum use solar power at all times.

After a detailed inspection of this office, Amit decided to install the following:

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam Brainy Eco 1600
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 1KW
  3. Battery – 150AH – 2


How Is A Solar System Better Than A Diesel Generator?

Let us understand the real cost difference between the diesel generator and a solar system.

Let us assume Vipin has an 8KW generator. First, we need to understand how much load runs on this 8KW generator. Now, suppose Vipin ran about 3KW load on this generator.

So total load = 3000W

We can safely say it is approximately 37% of the full load.

See this table for more details –

Size of generator 1/4th LOAD 1/2th LOAD 3/4th LOAD FULL LOAD
8KW 0.9 Liters/Hr 1.2 Liters/Hr 1.7 Liters/Hr 2.1 Liters/Hr

Now we need to calculate the number of hours that the generator runs typically in one day. So since there is no power available here during the day, it is safe to assume that the generator runs for 9 hours every day.

Therefore, 1 Liter * 9 = 9 Liters per day.

The cost of diesel in Punjab is Rs. 53.8. So Vipin would be paying Rs. 484.2 every day on diesel expenses. If we assume that Vipin is running his generator for 20 days a month, this would amount to INR 14,526 per month. And around 1 lakh 74 thousand per year. Need I say more?

Other than the initial cost of investment for installing a solar system that will be recovered in few years, Vipin will be saving about 1 Lakh rupees per year after installing solar.

And this is just the analysis of the cost difference. How else can opting for a DG set instead of a solar battery backup system be harmful?


Load Running and Units Generated

Each system generates approximately 5 units of electricity every day depending on the weather conditions and runs 10 CFL and 4 fans.

The installation was a success and Mr. Vipin is pleased with the outcome.

Mr. Amit says, ‘Mr. Vipin searched for us through Su-Kam’s official website. We have installed Brainy Eco there, which is an off-grid solar system. There is no electricity provision in this area which was a major challenge faced in this farm. We will be running more load on this solar system after few days.’

To understand how an off-grid solar system works, please watch this video:

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Note: The reduction in electricity bill may vary from individual to individual (even when the technical specifications of the system are the same) depending on factors such as weather, electricity consumption pattern etc. Su-Kam cannot guarantee the amount of solar savings that can be made as a result of installing its solar power system.

For further details, please contact –

Mr. Amit (Authorized dealer – Eshan enterprises) – 09888758656

Contact the customer on the following address –

Mr. Vipin


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