How this Solar-powered School in Chennai Saves Rs. 1.5 Lacs


Sishya School, a reputed school located in Adyer, Chennai, switched to solar last year in September and is now enjoying its benefits. The switch was made with the aim of conserving electricity units, which would eventually help the school save a lot of money on electricity bills. The solar power system installed in school makes electricity worth Rs. 15-16,000 rupees per month i.e. more than 1.5 lacs in annual solar savings.


Why solar?

The installation was done by Mr. RG Ganesh -Director at VATIO Energy India Private Ltd., Su-Kam’s trusted channel partner based in Chennai. According to him this school in Chennai is known for its innovative teaching and a quest for doing something new in order to set an example to its students and fellow educational institutions. And this was the reason they decided to opt for a cleaner and greener form of energy in the form of solar.


How does it work?

There are 60 solar power panels installed in this school of 250 watt each. The total cost of the installation was 13.5 lakhs, which according to Mr. Ganesh is ‘a one-time investment’ because now, as it has already been mentioned above, the school is saving 15-16,000 per month on electricity bills. It is a grid-tie setup, which means that whatever extra energy is generated will go back to the grid. Unfortunately there is no net metering in place right now, but it will be done soon. And then the school will be able to sell unused energy back to the grid and earn some money doing that.

“It is great to see this school setting a great example for its students who are learning the importance of green energy. I am looking forward to make more places in Chennai run on sun”, says RG Ganesh. He can be reached on 9566156789.

Why other schools should opt for this?


Schools as we know have huge energy requirement during the day, while it is negligible at night. Most of the schools have diesel generators, which they switch on during power cuts. This system is neither green nor cost-effective as you end up spending money on electricity bills as well as on diesel. If grid-tie solar power panels are installed in school, the school will not have to spend money on electricity bills because there is enough sunlight during the day for the solar panel to generate electricity. It is an extremely beneficial technology in the long run, and schools should pay attention to it.

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