How to Go Solar in Just Rs.1999

Yes, you heard it right. If we do not wish to install an entire off-grid or grid-tie system in our houses we can still do our bit for the environment and generate free solar electricity in some little ways. Remember, every little helps. Keeping solar LED lights in our houses is one such way.

Sukam Solar LED lights

Why Solar LED Light is Cheap and Best Lighting Solution

There is no doubt that LED is the latest technology in the market. Tubelights got replaced by CFL and now LED lights have emerged clear winners. LED lights can work for 3000 hours and cost 80% less than tubelights. If tubelights draw a bill of Rs. 100, LED will do the job in just Rs. 20. Now imagine running them on solar and inserting lithium-ion batteries in them – you get even more cost-efficiency and convenience. Su-Kam has made solar LED lighting system which is rightly named ‘sparkle’. This easy-to-carry kit can be installed anywhere you like to get 24 x 7 light powered by solar.

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How Sparkle Solar LED Lighting System Works?

This small and portable solar LED lighting system comes with a 80w panel and two LED lights which have in-built lithium-ion battery. When solar panels are exposed to sunlight, they make DC power which charges the lithium-ion battery in these solar LED lights. When the battery gets charged, you can use use the LED lights just like you would use a torch – you can put them on your bedside to use for reading or carry it to an adventurous outing to get light during night. You can even charge solar LED lighting system through grid. It takes only 2 hours to get full-charged through solar and 3 hours on grid. This emergency solar LED lighting kit is so light-weight that even a child can carry it.

Solar LED Lights Charges Through Solar

Hybrid Solar LED Lights Can Also Charge Throgh Grid

Where Can We Use Solar LED Lights?

This solar-powered LED light can replace tubelights or CFLs anywhere and everywhere. You can install it in room, study table, in gardens, garage or in balconies. If you are going camping then solar LED light can be your best partner. You can use it in any emergency situation. You don’t have to worry about grid electricity connection as it can be fully charged through solar.

Charge Solar LED lights in balconies

Multiple Uses of solar led lights

How Much Does Solar LED Lights Cost and Where Can I buy?

You will find that Solar LED lights are quite cheap – the price will not hurt your pocket. You can buy it right now and see the price by clicking on the button below. You make your own electricity through solar so you save on electricity bills. The ROI on solar LED lights is about a year or so keeping in mind the benefits and comfort of 24 x7 light that it offers.

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Learn More About Solar LED Lights:

Watch this 3-minute video to know how Solar LED works and saves you money:




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