Make Solar Power at Home Using Just 4 Components

solar in haryana

It is great to see that more and more homes are running on solar. But why are so many homes going solar? Because solar power system have become very affordable — there are various options available depending on your budget. You may not have to invest in an off-grid or grid-tie solar system. You can start making and using electricity by using just 4 components:

  1.  Solar Panels to make DC electricity
  2. Batteries to store this DC solar energy
  3. Solar Charge Controller to make sure that right amount of charge goes to the batteries from solar panels and also prevent flow of current from batteries to solar panels during night-time.
  4. Inverter to convert DC into usuable AC and run all our electrical appliance. It is wiser to buy a solar inverter but if you don’t want to, you can make do with any ordinary inverter.

This family residing in Vaidawala Village, Haryana recently went solar using these four products and is now very happy. How did they do it? Let’s find out:solar in haryana

Solar in Vaidawala Village, Haryana

Vaidawala Village in Haryana is one such place located in India’s northern plains where life no longer comes to a screeching halt pertaining to the lack of in haryana

A family of three brothers, all retired government employees has recently installed a single battery inverter at their home to get rid of the sweltering heat during the day time. Falcon inverter combined with charge controller and solar panels, runs a cooler and a fridge quite efficiently. The household along with other houses of the locality receives only two hours of electricity during day time, and thus going solar has eased their worries to a great extent.

Technical specification

Solar Family = Happy Family

Mr Lalit Goyal, channel partner with Su-kam installed three sets of the above mentioned configuration. The cost of installation is no big deal in exchange of a sustainable and reliable source of energy and can be recovered in a few years.

“The family is highly satisfied with the installation and looking forward to become solar dependent completely,” said Mr Goyal who has installed many solar power systems in Haryana.

solar in haryanaBenefits of Solar Lights and Lanterns for the rural world

Normal inverters can thus be converted to solar inverters to light up rural household during the hours after sunset increasing their economic activity levels. Local enterprises such as small shops and village markets can continue business in the evening hours propelling more output.

Kerosene lamp fumes are toxic as they are laden with CO, SO2 and in poorly ventilated houses they can cause serious health problem in much of the world where electric light is unavailable. But with the use of Solar Lanterns which let the clean energy usher in, these issues can be easily resolved.

Solar energy is lauded for its credible performance in improving the quality of life at the rural household and village level lighting their houses and in a way helping to stem migration to mega-cities.

Want to go solar? Dial 1800-102-7555 now or if you live in Haryana, you can contact Mr. Lalit Goyal directly on 09896588388

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