Karambeer started out in Su-Kam Power Systems Limited as a driver to the MD, Mr Kunwer Sachdev. The year was 1998 and all a young Karambeer wanted from life was a steady job. Little did he know that destiny had different ideas for him. Today Karambeer works as Manager – Production at the Company’s Gurgaon plant and is ceaselessly acquiring technical knowledge pertaining to his work on the job. The journey from being a chauffeur to a manager in a skill-oriented business of great competiveness has been borne with utmost humility by this Gurgaon native.


Goldeneye(s) : Karambeer at work

Karambeer was born and brought up in Gurgaon. He studied there and the fast mushrooming industrial sector in the vicinity of his village invested him with aspirations and hope. His father, a retired army-man, wished for the son to find employment close to home. Karambeer hails from a joint family set-up and has an elder brother. In 1998 there was an opening for driver to the MD and Karambeer got selected for the same. There he had the opportunity to observe Mr Sachdev’s work-ethic from close quarters. He says that not only was his boss very supportive and encouraging, but he also never shied away from treating the young Karambeer as a member of an extended family.

Thus were sown the seeds of an enduring relationship of loyalty and faith. Karambeer has now spent fifteen years in Su-Kam, which he refers to as his family. As a Production Manager at the Company’s Gurgaon plant, Karambeer is responsible for the whole of the plant’s operations. Some of the segments he looks after include stores, production, logistics and operations. Being a son of the soil, as it were, Karambeer often uses his native charm to disentangle tricky situations on the ground, especially in logistics.


Self–assured and world-assuring: Karambeer in a lighter mood

Karambeer may have spent his entire professional life with Su-Kam, but this fact, he says, hasn’t prevented him from feeling as energetic as a rookie youngster every day at work. He particularly enjoys the employee-bonding events organised by the Company and eagerly participates in all of them. He considers his journey with the Company a testament to the triumph of hard-work and sustenance over all formal qualifications.

Karambeer is currently pursuing a diploma course in technical studies from an open university located in Karnataka. His vision for his Company exudes child-like naivety – Karambeer wishes for the Su-Kam brand to be synonymous with inverters just as a ‘Colgate’ is used interchangeably with oral hygiene or a ‘Tata’ with trucks. As ambitious as this may sound, history teaches us that any business is only as great as the dreams its stakeholders have for it. In that sense Su-Kam is in good, strong hands indeed.



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