Hyderabad Family Installs Grid tie Solar: Their AC and Fridge run on solar. Here’s how:

The grid tie inverter or the grid feed inverter is a new money earning concept that has been introduced all over India and many people as well as industries are now happily getting it installed in their homes and work place. Mr. GB Reddy was one such happy customer. After getting to know about the grid tie inverter and its benefits he decided to earn money by selling solar power back to the main grid of his city in Hyderabad and also run his load absolutely free.

To get the grid tie inverter installed in this house he contacted one of our most promising dealers Mr. Shravan of RK power systems.

Mr. Shravan advised Mr. Reddy to get a grid tie installed of the following specifications for maximum benefits and savings.

Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam’s Grid tie inverter– 3KVA
  2. Su-Kam’s Solar panels– 12 Number

Grid tie inverter runs tubelights, fans and one air conditioner worth of load of Mr. Reddy’s house through solar power and also fed the extra solar power generated back to the grid. When the air conditioner is not in use, he likes to run his refrigerator and other small electrical household appliances on solar. This reduced his monthly electricity bill to zero and also he earned extra money from the Hyderabad Government. Amazing right?

Investment and Savings:

The initial cost of investment for the entire installation was 2.5 lakh which will be easily recovered in about 7 years. Mr. GB reddy was extremely pleased and happy with the installation and the service of Su-Kam’s dealer. He has also inspired a number of his colleagues to go in for the installation of grid tie inverter at their homes!

We couldn’t expect better!

You can contact Mr. Shravan of RK power systems at 09966673939 if you wish to install solar in Hyderabad.

Visit www.sukam-solar.com to know which solar product is most suitable for you.




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