I love Su-Kam

My name is Mamta and I have been with Su-Kam for the past 11 years now. I work in the customer care department as a deputy manager. When I joined Su-Kam, our turnover was only around Rs 3 crores and today we are a Rs 500 crore – company!  I have been a fortunate and proud witness to Su-Kam’s impressive growth.

Our company is innovative and this has helped us to stay ahead of times and achieve a lot in a short span of time. We are one of the pioneering companies of the world to manufacture plastic body inverters. Even our 100 KVA inverter was one of the firsts in the world.

But the reason I love Su-Kam so much is that it has given me many opportunities. Of course it depends on an individual as to how they use these opportunities, but the company has always proferred a complete freedom of choice. I can speak freely, I can think freely and therefore there is never any hindrance to my growth. The work-culture at Su-Kam is very comfortable and conducive for progress.

Every employee is a member of the extended Su-Kam family share a very special bond with the company and fellow Sukamians. It is the personal touch that makes this a special place to work. An example is that whenever there is a party for the employees, our MD Kunwer Sachdev invites everyone personally. He ensures that we all attend it and enjoy ourselves.  He is the head of the Su-Kam family and cares for all his employees.

The only way I can sum it up is that, I love Su-Kam, I admire Su-Kam and I can’t think beyond Su-Kam.





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