I run 2 Big Fuel Dispensers, Computer, Printer, 8 Lights and Fans and Water Purifier on Solar in my Petrol Pump. How About You?

Mr. Vijay, owns a petrol pump in Jalgaon District, Maharashtra. The area that this petrol pump is located experiences massive power cuts. Especially in this petrol pump, there was no supply of electricity at all. When this petrol pump was constructed Vijay had decided to use a diesel generator to run his load but then Vijay was advised by his friend Mr. Manoj to install a solar plant in his petrol pump.


Vijay did not know much about solar power so he asked his friend whom should he contact and what are the benefits of solar power. His friend referred him to Su-Kam’s authorized dealer Mr. Chandrashekhar who helped him install the solar plant. Manoj spoke about his savings after installing solar power and Vijay got very inspired and decided to convert his filling station into a solar powered station.


Vijay then approached Su-Kam’s authorized dealer Mr. Chandrashekhar to install a solar plant in his petrol pump.

Jalgaon district approximately receives 12 hours 14 mins of daylight every day in this month of April, installing a solar system in this area was a perfect solution.

Mr. Chandrashekhar Mahajan has been dealing with solar system installations for over 10 years with Su-Kam. He has a staff of 6 people who look after his company. He has 3 qualified engineers who carry out all installations. After careful inspection of the filling station, he and his team of qualified engineers gave the following suggestions –

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam’s Solar PCU – 6.25KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam’s Solar panels – 250W * 16 panels – 4KW
  3. Su-kam’s batteries – 8 (200AH)


Units Generated and Load Running

The 4KW solar panel generates approximately 18 to 20 units per day depending on the weather conditions. The system runs the entire load of the petrol pump that essentially includes 2 fuel dispensers, Om Sai banner light, 10 street lights (100W each), office lights that consist of 8 led lights, canopy lights, 3 fans, 1 printer, one RO water purifier. Mr. Vijay is extremely happy seeing his petrol pump turn into a solar powered station.


After the installation, we spoke to Chandrashekhar and he says, ‘We have installed a 6.25KVA solar PCU that is designed to run the full load of the petrol pump. Mr. Vijay had bought a diesel generator for his petrol pump initially when the petrol pump was made since there was no supply of electricity there. But after installing solar he has not opened his new generator box. The load is running entirely on solar power.’


It is a pleasure to see people really believing in solar power. We are glad to see another happy solar customer in India. Going solar has never been easier.

To know how an off-grid solar system works, please watch this video:

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For further details, please feel free to contact –

Mr. Chandrashekhar Mahajan (Su-Kam’s authorized dealer – Sudarshan solar system and agency) -09766001021

Contact the customer on the following –

Vijay Bhoi – 9403312744

Om Sai Petrol Pump,


Near Bhusawal,

Dist – Jalgaon




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