I Save Thousands Every Month on My Electricity Bill After Installing Solar in My House and Shop. Solar System Runs Lights, fans, Geyser and Water Pump Smoothly

This story is about a man who recently opted to go solar and is now saving INR 7000. Here is what happened:

How Did Solar Power Help This Man?

Mr. Prashant stays in Jaipur with his family. He owns a home and a dairy shop located right beside his house. Prashant and his family spent INR 7000 every two months approximately on electricity bills and even after that the state of affairs of power supply in that area were bad. They experienced frequent power cuts and required a permanent solution for it.


In their dairy shop, Prashant had a 2.5HP induction motor and 15 LEDs. He also required to run 1 room heater, 1 geyser and 3 fans in his home. Fed up with spending money and not able to run his load at all times, Prashant decided that he should go in for a diesel generator. A generator would mean more expenses but Prashant had to find a solution. Until finally, Mr. Prashant met with Mr. Ramesh, Su-Kam’s authorized dealer located in Jaipur.

Ramesh understood Prashant’s requirements and suggested that he must go in for solar power. He further explained how he could run his load eventually on absolutely free solar power and not spend a penny on electricity expenses. And that is when Prashant decided it was time for him to go solar!


Jaipur city located in Indian state Rajasthan, receives ample amount of sunlight. With an average of 13 hour and 30 minutes of day light, a solar installation would be perfect for this area. Ramesh then took up the responsibility to install a solar system in that area.

After a detailed site inspection Prashant decided to install Su-Kam’s Solar PCU in his home and shop-

What Is A Solar Power Conditioning Unit?

Su-Kam’s solar power conditioning unit serves both as a solar charge controller and inverter. It is a unique hybrid system which can charge batteries through solar and grid. As solar panels make DC electricity it goes to the solar PCU which converts DC into AC to power electrical load, and stores the remaining DC electricity in batteries. When there is a deficit of solar power, solar PCU intelligently runs the connected load on solar energy stored in batteries.


Technical Specifications

  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU – 6.25KVA/6V
  2. Su-Kam’s solar panels – 4KW
  3. Su-Kam’s Batteries 150AH – 8 in number


Load Running and Units Generated

The system generates approximately 20 to 22 units of electricity everyday depending upon the weather conditions and runs the load of the school that includes load of the house as well as the dairy shop – 3 fans, 2.5HP induction motor, 1 geyser, 1 room heater and 15 LEDs.

This installation was a success and Mr. Prashant is happy with the installation.

We had a candid conversation with Mr. Ramesh after the installation and he told us, ‘We have installed Su-kam’s 6.25KVA solar PCU here. I have installed a number of Su-kam solar power conditioning units and I have not received any complaint as of now. There is an increasing demand of solar PCU across Jaipur. Mr. Prashant was spending approximately 7000 RPS every 2 months on electricity bills and that has completely got eliminated. He is pleased and satisfied with the working of the system.’

We wish Mr. Prashant and his family all the best and best of luck for the coming days. Follow Su-Kam’s Blogs to know more about solar installations. We will keep you updated about all interesting solar stories.

To understand how a solar PCU works, please watch this video:

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