I Was Going to Make the Mistake of Installing Square Wave Inverter in My Home But Then This Happened!

What type of inverter should you choose?

Mr. Ankit lives in Dubai and his family stays in Gujarat. He owns a two-storied home that needed a power backup system since the area experienced some power cuts.

Su-Kam had participated in a solar event in Dubai and Ankit happened to come to our stall and have a look at the new technologies that Su-Kam has introduced. He was quite impressed and contacted Su-Kam’s dealer, Mr. Soni in Gujarat near his home to install a power backup system. Ankit had already decided that he wanted to buy our square wave model ‘Shiney 1600’ for his home.


Our dealer Mr. Soni then went to Ankit’s home with his qualified team of engineers and understood his load requirements. Soni found out that the home load is less and Shiney 1600 is too big an inverter for the load. And so he advised Ankit to install an 1100 model in his home. Along with that, he suggested Ankit should go in for a sine wave inverter. Here is why–

Why should you always choose a pure sine wave inverter?

  1. A Pure sine wave inverter gives ‘clean power’.

It’s smooth, exactly like the pure AC that we receive from the power stations! And since most appliances that we use at our homes are designed to function on pure AC power coming from power stations, it’s the perfect fit! We need not look any further!

  1. Any wave other than a pure sine wave will consume more power.

Okay, get ready for understanding exactly how they consume more power. Blame the engineer mind but I can’t resist sharing this. Square Wave inverters have higher THD (Total Harmonic Distortion). This means higher distortions. Distortions are the unwanted part that we receive along with the pure signal, which does not contribute to useful work, in fact, they get wasted as heat energy. So we are actually paying for power that we don’t even end up using. So not fair!

Sine wave inverters are free of any kind of distortions. That’s why they are ‘pure’. No losses!  This means they are highly efficient and helps in reducing electricity bills. Need I say more?

  1. A pure sine wave inverter maintains voltage and current at safe levels.

We know that we get 230V (volts) AC supply in our homes. In a square wave inverter, the voltage levels fluctuate (much higher or much lower than 230V), causing immense harm and reduce the life of our costly appliances. In a pure sine wave inverter, voltage levels are maintained around 230V, which is just perfect. It prevents crashes and keeps our sensitive appliances absolutely safe!

  1. Appliances running on pure sine wave inverters are practically noiseless.

Higher distortions in square wave inverters also cause a ‘humming noise’ in running appliances. Because of fewer distortions in pure sine wave inverters like we just understood, appliances running on pure sine wave inverters are practically noiseless.

They stay cool and even last longer as compared to the ones running on square or modified sine wave inverters. Simply flawless.

And so Ankit decided to install the following—

Technical Specifications:

  1. Su-Kam Falcon++ Pure Sine Wave Home UPS 1100/12V
  2. Battery – 150AH


Load running and units generated

This backup system runs about 700 W of load that includes about 9 tube lights (43 W each) and 6 fans (50 W each).

The installation was a success and Mr. Ankit is pleased with the outcome.

Mr. Soni says, ‘I have been in touch with Mr. Ankit since December 2016. I was in Dubai and we met and he wanted to buy a power backup system for his home. He wanted to install a square wave inverter and I advised him for a sine wave inverter that will keep his appliances safe and protected.’

We wish Mr. Ankit and his family all the best and hope to be of service to them in future.

To understand how Su-Kam Falcon++ works, please watch this interesting video:

Which is a better inverter sine wave or square wave? Watch this video that answers all these questions:


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For further details, please contact—

Mr. Soni Kaushik (Su-Kam’s authorized distributor) – 09687608310

SK power system

FF2 Krishna Height

New Gajawali Road

Vadodara, Gujarat

Contact the customer on the following address—

Mr. Ankit Gandhi

VIP road,

Near Harni

Vadodara, Gujarat



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