“I Wish I Had Installed Solar Earlier. I Could Have Saved So Much”, Says George from Kerala

Here is a story about a man who was really happy with installed a solar powered system in his home and he wished he could have done it earlier! Here are the details!

How He Decided to Go Solar

Mr. George stays in Ernakulum district in Kerala. The area that he stays in did not have a problem of frequent power cuts, those were just occasional but he had a large house and his electricity bill was shooting up. He wished he didn’t have to pay that ton of money every month to run 3 air conditioners, refrigerators, and the usual home load.

Then one day, he came across an advertisement in the newspaper ‘Malayala Manorama’ from ‘Creative Business Cooperation’ (Su-Kam’s authorized distributors). The advertisement was about how easy it was to install a solar system at home.

This got George to wonder if he could have a solar system in his home too!

And so he decided to call up James Kunnumel Kurian, owner of Creative business cooperation from Ernakulum. Ernakulum is located in district of Kerala and receives approximately 12 hours and 19 minutes of day light every day. And investing in solar power in this area would definitely be a success. And so James decided to install a solar power conditioning unit in George’s home. A solar power conditioning unit is different from a regular inverter in the way that it has an inbuilt solar charge controller. That is usually externally installed in case of an existing inverter at home.

Here is what he installed:


  1. Su-Kam Solar PCU– 6.25KVA/96V
  2. Su-Kam Solar Panels– 250W/24V (24 in number)
  3. Su-Kam Batteries– 150AH (16 in number)


This solar system is expected to generate approximately 20 to 22 units of electricity on a daily basis depending on weather conditions. The installation was a success. The system is now running on solar comfortably. Solar power from this installation is used to run the full load of home including 3 AC’s (the PCU will not run all three AC’s together but 2 AC’s at a time along with other load), 1 refrigerator, tube lights, fans etc.

Mr. James says ‘We have installed Su-Kam solar PCU in the customer’s home according to their load requirements. Mr. George is very happy with the installation. The system will bring a significant difference in their monthly electricity consumption from the grid’.

After the installation, we had a candid conversation with Mr. George. We asked him if he is satisfied with the use of solar power and what he thinks about the future of solar power in India and he says ‘I feel I should have thought of the idea of turning my home solar long before. It’s remarkable to see the change in my bills also it is very easy to understand the product after seeing the videos online. There are few inverter companies out there that provide such simple and detailed explanation of their products. It’s interesting to wait for a new video every week too.’

We are glad to associate with such educated man who wish to learn more about solar power. We feel blessed to associate with such people.

We wish Mr. George and his family all the best and hope to serve him and his family again in the future.

To understand how a solar PCU works and how to install one please click on the following links:



For further details, please contact Su-Kam’s solar channel partner who did this installation

Mr. James Kunnumel Kurian- 09895714615

Contact customer with the details below-

Mr. George P. Abraham- 08129716040

Address- Mulanthuruthy town

District Ernakulum


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