In Which Direction Should Solar Panels be Installed in India? And why?

Solar panels at shed in haryana. Here, the direction matters in giving the best results!

When installing solar panels, one of the most valid question to ask is how exactly can we decide towards which direction our panel is supposed to be placed. The answer to this question varies from country to country.

The straight answer to this is question for India is — South.

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Why should solar panels in India be south-facing?

Our country India, lies in the southern hemisphere so when the sun travels, it takes an elliptical trajectory going from east to west having an inclination towards south ,hence to get the maximum quantity of solar energy we have to place our panel accordingly. As you can see, be it summer or winter, the inclination is towards south.

In Which Direction Should Solar Panels be Installed in India? And why?

After the direction, the other important parameter is the tilt angle.

What should be angle of solar panels in India?

The tilt angle is determined according to the latitude of your position. For example if you are living in Cochin-Kerala, the tilt angle for your solar panel will be approx. 10-12 degree. On the other hand if you want to incorporate a panel in Delhi, your tilt angle will be almost 28- 30 degree.

Angle of solar panels in India for best results

Before incorporating a panel, we need to ensure that there is no tall obstacle coming in between the sun rays and the panel as the shadow of the obstacle will fall on the panel and will disintegrate its efficiency So the next time you think of installing a solar panel, take out your personal gizmo and check your orientation with respect to the direction and enjoy the benefits of free energy – The Solar Energy.

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Su-Kam in the near future will be bringing a fully automated solar panel system which will sync with the movement of the sun and hence will ensure maximum grabbing of solar packets by your panels. Can’t wait for this to come, right?

Thought so!

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Patience is a virtue – Always keep in mind

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