Independence Day Special – 7 Pictures of India Going Solar

As we celebrate our 69th Independence Day with pride let’s take a look at how our country is slowly moving towards a solar revolution.In 2015 India will generate 2GW of energy from solar which is more than double of what we generated last year.

It looks like Indians are getting energy independent as some are going totally off-the-grid – no dependence on electricity supply from the grid.  

Independent Solar India

Many houses, schools, offices and banks are going solar. There are different reasons why Indians are going solar: There are are still places in India which have not been electrified! It may sound shocking but it is indeed the truth. In such remote villages solar power has been nothing less than a boon. There are some villages in India which run entirely on solar power.

7 Beautiful Images of Solar India – Energy Independence

1. 40,000 Households in Towns and Villages of Uttar Pradesh Run on DC Solar Systems


40,000 households in UP witnessed electricity for the first time thanks to Sukam DC solar homelighting system. The homelighting kit is very easy to install and provides 24 x7 power to these villagers. See how their rooftops have small solar panels. These panels are connected to our DC system which power DC fan, light and radio and brings happiness to these 40,000 families.

2.   Solar Power Plant at Punjab Engineering College


It looks like Chandigarh is keen to grab the title of ‘Solar City of India’. Its famous college, Punjab Engineering College, runs 50% of its load on solar power. Grid-tie inverters generate 1.3MW of solar energy which is worth Rs. 1 crore each year. We must say that the college is setting a great example of future engineers that it is grooming.

3. Solar Resort in Ladakh

solar in leh ladakh

Looking at this picture all that we can say is that if heaven was to go solar, it would look something like this. This resort in Nubra valley in Ladakh runs on solar because unlike heaven, powercuts are evry common here. Generators can only ruin the beauty of this place and the health of tourist who come here to unwind. Resort owners were quick to realize that and decided to go off-the-grid by installing Su-Kam’s off-grid solar power system.

4. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Sh. Akhilesh Yadav Inaugrate Solar Power Plant in UP

Solar Project in Indian Village

This picture brings tears to our eyes. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the true gem of India, was also an ardent supporter of solar energy. Only a month before leaving this world, he had inaugurated Su-Kam’s 250 mini grid project in Uttar Pradesh. Villages of Fakirpura and Chaduhar which never had access to electricity now run completely on solar power generated by the mini grid.

5 A School in Sirsa Goes Solar

School Goes Solar in Sirsa
What would be a better way to ensure that our future generation values green energy than to teach them in a school powered by solar? This school in Sirsa district of Haryana was tired of battling with powercuts and paying lacs every year for hiring generators. With Su-Kam’s support they happily went off-the-grid and now generate all the power that they need by our solar power system.

6. Solar Power for Indian Army

We can never thank our brave soldiers enough for what they do for us. They live in the most difficult conditions imaginable and defend our great country. Out of all the sectors it is the defense sector that needs 24 x 7 power but when the sites are as remote as Assam Rifles getting uninterrupted power could be a challenge. Team Su-Kam took this challenge and completed it successfully by solarizing Assam Rifles. Our off-grid solar power generates more than 1 MW of solar power on 17 different sites for Assam Rifles.

7. Solar Makes a Family Very Happy

Indian Family goes Solar

This picture is our favourite – the solar family of India. When powercuts started to interfere with studies of their kids, the family in Panskura district of West Bengal called Su-Kam to go solar. They now enjoy round-the-clock power with off-grid solar power. They are happy to generate their own electricity without depending on grid supply.

Do you want India to run on sun? If yes, then call us on 1800-102-7555 and go solar with Su-Kam.

Happy Independence Day!



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