Indian Innovation: This Startup Uses Combo of Wind and Solar Energy for Electricity

In the era of rising prices of exhaustible sources of energy it has become the need of the hour to immediately switch to free and abundant alternate sources of energy like wind and solar power. A number of people and companies are now going in for these sources of energy and thus saving enormous amounts of money over the years.

Read more to find out how this company in Gujarat had this innovative idea of using both wind and solar energy to charge their batteries and saved lakhs of rupees.

A startup company located in a remote area in Bahej, District Baruch in Gujrat did not receive any grid supply so they had to run their entire load using alternate sources of energy. They realized that had ample amount of sunlight falling on their land and since they were located near the coast it remained windy for almost the entire day.

They had this innovative idea to use both these sources of energy wind and solar to charge their batteries so that there is enough back up for the entire day.For making this possible they decided to get a wind turbine, a solar inverter and batteries to harness and store that energy.

And so they called up Su-Kam’s trusted dealer Mr. Rizwan from ZM solar to help them get a solar inverter and wind turbine installed in their area.

Technical specifications:

  1. Solar PCU 6KVA
  2. 2.5KW solar panels
  3. 8 number of 150Ah Su-Kam batteries
  4. Wind turbine with 96V charge controller

This area received a good amount of sunlight for 8 to 10 hours daily. So they solar panels would receive the sunlight convert it into DC power and through the solar PCU with in-built solar charge controller, the DC supply would charge the batteries. During the rest of the day wind energy would be used to move the wind turbine which would basically convert mechanical energy into electrical energy then through the charge controller the controlled power would charge the batteries.

Due to this arrangement batteries now had two sources of energy so that the batteries never run out of charge and electricity is available 24 hours.

Along with this they also installed a solar inverter and a solar charge controller to generate more solar energy.

Technical Specifications

  1. Solar inverter 10KVA, 180V
  2. Solar charge controller 180V
  3. Sukam batteries 150ah- 15 in number

This arrangement helped them to receive electricity all day in an area so remote that the normal grid supply could not be made available. By utilizing the solar and wind energy they are also powering their load completely free of cost for all the coming years.

The entire installation that included wind turbines, solar PCU, 8 batteries and 2.5KW solar panels was done at an initial investment of 6.5Lakh which will be recovered in a period of about 6 years. And after that their entire load will run absolutely free of cost.

After the installation the customer, Mr. Murgesh pawar was pleased and thanked Mr. Rizwan for helping them with the installation and to advise them where to buy the best products so that now they wouldn’t have to worry about no power supply.

You can contact Su-Kam’s dealer Mr. Rizwan from ZM solar at 9723818307.

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