Indian Invention! This Inverter Can be used with Battery of Any Size – 18AH to 200AH!

This is amazing! An Indian company has made a home UPS that can be connected to battery of any size depending on your backup requirements. If you need back-up time of only 10-15 mins, you can connect it with battery of 18AH. If you need longer backup, pair it with large battery of 200AH.

Watch this video to understand what is AH and how is it possible to use battery of any size with this new inverter. The video explains technical concept in a very simple way:

If you are into reading rather than watching, then read on…

Let’s understand what AH means. Battery’s capacity is measured in AH (Ampere Hours). Ampere is the unit of current. There is a damn simple formula to calculate Charging Ampere in a battery – just divide it by 10.

Here’s an example:

To calculate Ampere in battery of 150AH simply divide it by 10. You get 15amps. That is the charging current of battery. It means that if we give a charging current of 15amps, the battery will take 10 hours to get fully charged. However, if we give charging current of only 10amps then it will take 15 hours for the battery to get charged. The logic also applies to discharging of batteries. If you discharge this battery at a current of 15 amps then it will take 10 hours to get fully discharged.


Another important thing to note about batteries is that if you supply more than their charging current then they will get overcharged. They may start releasing toxic fumes or even burst in some cases. You should not give charging current of 20amps to a 50AH battery because the charging current of 50AH battery should be only 5 amps.

Why are we forced to spend money on battery of minimum 100AH even when we want backup time of just 15 mins?

Let’s say that you are an owner of a shop inside a mall and you get power back through a genset in the mall. However, it takes 30 seconds for gensets to switch on so you have installed a UPS/inverter for instant power backup. Now, you need backup time of only 10-15 mins because you would want to use the genset after that. In such a case you should be able to install a small battery of 25AH. No! You are forced to pair your inverter with battery of 100AH because your inverter has a minimum charging current of 10amps. If you install it with battery of 25 AH (which needs only 2.5 amps of current) the battery will get destroyed! Those extra 8.5 amps of current will be dangerous for the battery.


Doesn’t this sound unfair? What is the solution then?

Experts at Su-Kam also found this to be unfair. That is why they created a home inverter which can be used with battery of any size from 25AH-200AH because it has variable charging current. And the best part is that you can choose the current setting yourself. There is a dip switch at the back which has current settings ranging from 2.5amps to 15amps. If you would like to use it with battery of 25AH then slide the switch to 2.5amps and for 150AH, slide it to 15amps. Simple!

What is the name of this new invention by Su-Kam and How Can I buy it?

This truly innovative home UPS is called Falcon Plus . Send us a query on our website and we will get back to you.


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