India’s Popular Solar Company Now Reaches Egypt

Now-a-days, people across the globe are finally becoming more aware about the alternate sources of energy generation. They are realizing the benefits of solar energy and trying to implement the same for meeting their power needs.

Moreover, when 100% ‘Made In India’ products are appreciated and used internationally, it naturally becomes a matter of pride.

solartec egypt

Solar-Tec show at Egypt:

Now who doesn’t want to go for an electricity that is clean, green, renewable, easily accessible and affordable at the same time! Recently, at Solar-Tec Exhibition at Egypt where Su-Kam is one of the exhibitors, the response of people of Egypt was overwhelming. Su-Kam has displayed its wide range of innovative solar products for this three day event, held between 6th December, 2015 and 8th December, 2015 at Cairo international Convention Centre, Egypt.

solartec egypt

Response at the Solar-Tec exhibition:

Mr. Praveen Kumar Jain is representing Su-Kam at Solar-Tec 2015 and as two days of the exhibition have already come to an end, the response of people has only increased. People took great interest in the solar products displayed at Su-Kam stall and were mostly intrigued by the touchscreen inverter which is the latest product launched by the company.

Other products that were appreciated at the exhibition were – Solar DC System 120W , Solar Home Light System , Solar Street Light , Solar Hybrid Inverter and Sine Wave Inverter Falcon+1600 .

solartec egypt

Why solar is best for Egypt?

Going solar would perhaps be the most advantageous move for Egypt as it is one of the major regions in the world that is hugely blessed with sunlight. The Egyptian Government has adopted a ministerial decree with a Feed in Tariff for renewable energy (FIT) which aims at encouraging private sector to generate clean, renewable energy and sell it to the national grid at a fixed price for homes and commercial usage. This has been done because solar energy is the most sustainable and abundant source of energy in Egypt.

The solar radiation in Egypt reaches up to 6.5 Peak Sun Hours a day which is tremendous and should not be wasted. Su-Kam products being appreciated at the exhibition is a perfect evidence for how keen people are to switch to solar. We are hoping that the future will bring to us more houses and businesses running on solar in Egypt.

solartec egypt

Going solar is now just a phone call away. Dial 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today.

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