India’s Popular Solar Company Now Solarizes Myanmar

People around the world are finally opening up to solar energy, because now it is no longer seen as an ‘alternative source of energy’ but something that needs to be implemented if we wish to save the planet.


Enterprise India show at Yangon:

This urge towards shifting to a greener and cleaner source of energy could be seen at the recently held Enterprise India show at Yangon where Su-Kam displayed its wide range of innovative solar products. This four day event, held between 28th October, 2015 and 1st November, 2015 was organized by Confederation of Indian Industry in close association with Embassy of India, Myanmar with the support of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, department of commerce, Government of India.


Overwhelming response at the exhibition:

It was heartening to see the response of the people of Myanmar. According to Miss Neha Yadav, who represented Su-Kam in Myanmar, ‘More than 250 people visited Su-Kam’s stall in the exhibition, and showed a lot of interest in the solar products’.


According to Miss Yadav, the Su-Kam products that generated maximum response were – Solar DC System 120W with Panel, Solar Home Light System , Solar Street Light 15W with panel, Solar Hybrid Inverter 1100 Eco brainy and Sine Wave Inverter Falcon+1600 .


Why going solar is best for Myanmar?

The development of Myanmar is marred by severe power shortage, but this country receives ample sunlight, which can be tapped into solar energy. Now people are realizing the potential of the sun, and the diplomats and people at the ministry are also promoting it.


After the exhibition Solar Home Light System, Street Light 15W & Solar Hybrid UPS Eco brainy 1100 (which runs 2 Fans, Lights & 2 PCs) was installed at the Embassy of India, Yangon after it was approved by the Ambassador of India to Myanmar.


Mr. Praveen Jain from Su-Kam carried out the installation. In his words, ‘There is a huge potential and demand for solar energy in Myanmar and the concept is being welcomed with open arms. The installation at the embassy has motivated a lot many people to switch on the sun; hence a surge in demand for solar products. We are hoping that the future will bring to us more solarified houses in Myanmar’.


It, indeed, is an important development both for Myanmar and solar energy. A country like Myanmar where power shortages are so common to the extent of being a hindrance to development, solar energy can help it flourish. It is a path to self-reliance and we believe that every country should embark on it.


Going solar is now just a phone call away. Dial 1800-102-7555 and start your solar journey with Su-Kam today.


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