Innovating power back-up – Su-Kam

Until the advent of Su-Kam on the power back-up solutions scene, the perception of power back-up products was quite poor. The options were mostly home-made, less than dependable inverters, that would break down, provide inconsistent back-up, and were generally plagued with quality issues.

Su-Kam brought about a revolution in the power back-up sector. With the MD, Kunwer Sachdev’s foresight, large investments were made in Research & Development, and it was technology & innovation that became the bedrock of Su-Kam’s product portfolio. Thanks to Su-Kam, we have witnessed many firsts. SMR Batteries, Sin Wave Inverters, and small & large capacity UPS systems among others. Reliability, dependability, and peace of mind, are now Su-Kam guarantees, that no other brand can compete with!

Deepanshu Gupta from Bareily in Uttar Pradesh is quick to point out, “I have been using my Su-Kam inverter for 3 years now and there has been absolutely no problem. It is 100% reliable.” This level of product quality is the result of research & build integrity on Su-Kam’s part. For Siddharth Halder from Kolkata in West Bengal, it was the confidence that a Su-Kam battery solicited in him, that made him upgrade to a Su-Kam inverter – one he has been using happily for over two years!

A growing number of people are becoming aware of the strides Su-Kam has taken, thanks to home-grown innovative technologies. The Sin Wave inverter, a breakthrough in technology, has found many adopters. Two recent users are Anubhav Sharma and Ujjal Deedar Singh from New Delhi. Although they are only recent Su-Kam customers, they are extremely happy with the performance of their machines, and credit the technological innovations of the company for the same.

It isn’t uncommon then, to see customers who are using multiple products from the Su-Kam portfolio. Like Rakesh Rathore from Jalandhar in Punjab. Rakesh was using a small capacity Su-Kam inverter. His great experience of the brand has made him buy a bigger, higher capacity inverter from the brand, and he is admittedly a fan of Su-Kam’s technologies.

Su-Kam has brought the much-needed peace of mind to many many electricity deficient people across the country. It is a brand that continues to innovate, and invest heavily in technology. Serious inroads are now being made by the brand to develop greener & eco-friendlier technologies; with solar power forming a vital part of Su-Kam’s future plans.

But for content customers like Prodhan GP from West Bengal & Myo Min from Mandalay; Su-Kam has resurrected their dark lives and filled them with hope & sunshine, by innovating power back-up!




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