Innovation! Indian Company Launches ‘Smart’ Solar Lights. Here Is How It Works!

Solar power has started trending among the people of India for all the right reasons. This is one source of power that can light up the most remote areas of India. Using solar power gives one the freedom to be independent from the grid supply, bringing light to the remotest rural villages that have never seen the light of day. And this is why solar is the future.

Su-Kam has always been an innovation driven company. Keeping in mind latest developments in the power industry around the world Su-Kam has recently developed a solar street light based on GSM technology i.e. a ‘smart’ solar street light. What is this GSM technology you may ask? Read on to know more!

What is a solar street light?

The configuration can be customized to the wattage and brightness required by the customer and it is designed for dusk to dawn operations that will focus on reducing power utility and higher back up time. Features that cannot be found in the regular street lights available in the market today.

These solar lighting systems offer an environment friendly and economical option to light up streets, boulevards, highways, yards, compounds, parks, boundary walls, car parking areas, military and civilian security installations, airports, ports or indeed, any public space.

GSM solar street light by Su-Kam

What is a GSM based solar street light?

GSM- Global System for Mobile communication. Could you guess what this technology is about? We here at Su-Kam bring to you a solar street light integrated with the GSM technology – ‘SUNWAY PLUS’ that gives YOU the power to control and monitor your street light right on your phone.

Your solar street light is now compatible with an app that you can download on your phone and control various parameters like brightness level, Switching on/off features, light dimming, etc. Every street light has an in built current and voltage sensor using a voltage divider circuit with GSM communication that allows to monitor both battery and solar panel parameters. The information received from these sensors are then processed by a micro-controller. This micro-controller sends this data through the GSM communication system to a server, via SMS.

The SMS is then received on your phone and in case of fault one can detect where exactly the fault lies in the system.

The beauty here is that this app can control as many street lights as you own. If you are sitting at Hyderabad and your solar street light is installed in Jammu and Kashmir, the power to control it is with you right there at your desk. No hassles, just simplicity.

This is innovation. This is technology. And this is why GSM based solar street light is the best street light available in the market.

How does it work?

The Sunway Plus comes in three models- 30W (6 LED)/40W (9 LED)/50W (12 LED). The solar panels ratings for them are 50W, 60W and 75W respectively for the three models with in built lithium ion batteries. These advanced solar street lights come with special features like dusk and dawn feature. According to this feature if there are no movements around the street lights it will light up minimum LED’s thereby saving electricity and increasing back up time. During no movement in 30W model only 3 LED’s will glow, same with the 40W model and in the 50W model 6 LED’s will glow in case of no movement. This will greatly increase the backup time of the batteries.  Now let us understand step wise working—

STEP1- During the day when the brightness is high the solar panels will convert solar power into DC power that will be used to charge the lithium ion batteries. These batteries will get charged quickly as compared to normal LA batteries.

STEP2- During the evening when the brightness is low, all the LED’s will switch ON automatically and the brightness will be 100%.

STEP 3- The Sunway Plus has a motion sensor function. That means if there is any kind of motion around the street light all the LED’s will light up with 100% brightness.

STEP 4- If for 16 seconds there is no motion the brightness will reduce to 33% (3 LED’s will glow) thus saving energy and increasing back up time. This will ensure 15 hours of continuous lighting on 3 LED’s with automatic dimming.

To understand more about how a solar street light works please watch this interesting video:

If you can have smart phones, why can’t you have ‘smart’ solar lights? Know about our other smart solar products, visit



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