Su-Kam – Superior company, superior patronage

When it comes to power back-up products, there is one brand that stands tall and above all others – and that brand is Su-Kam. One might be given to assume that being pioneers in the field, it’s the glory that the company is riding. But that would be incredibly far from the truth. The fact of the matter is that Su-Kam is stronger, today, than it has ever been before. Always a company on the go, constantly innovating and challenging the technological norms, Su-Kam’s glorious history is very much true, but it is the present of the company, that points to an even brighter future.

Today, Su-Kam is the established leader in product innovation, design sensibility and sales distribution network.An ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company, Su-Kam is the only power back-up solution provider in India, with a state-of-the-art in-house R & D facility, recognized by the Government of India. Su-Kam has several state-of-the-art production facilities, systematically planned and built to modern construction standards. The plants are equipped with sophisticated assembly lines and are backed by completely integrated in-house component manufacturing facilities and R&D centers.

All Su-Kam products have invariably received overwhelming response from the market, as it creates products which enhance the quality of life for its users, while giving them real value for money. Having pioneered the field of Inverters, Online UPS Systems, Line Interactive UPS Systems and Batteries (Lead Acid and VRLA), Su-Kam today provides an array of solar products and high capacity inverters (Standard and customized) for industrial usage as well.

All this has amounted to a superior patronage, both in terms of sheer numbers, as well as in terms of geographic penetration. Su-Kam customers are many, and everywhere. Sample this small section to get an idea. From New Delhi alone, there is Mr. Sandhyaparan Sharma, Mr. Brijender Singh, Mr. Suman Kumar, Mr. Rajeev Bhatia and Mr. Pankaj Verma. Then, from Faridabad in Haryana we have Mr. Vikas Chawla, and from Indore in Madhya Pradesh, there is Mr. Raj Bagani.

All the above are Su-Kam patrons, who have experienced a sea-change in their lifestyles, thanks to having constant power from their Su-Kam machines, all the time! A superior company, that has led to superior patronage!




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