Innovation! This Indian Bulb Works Without Electricity

A famous man once said, ‘In India, Innovation Thy Name is Jugaad’. Innovation runs in the blood of Indians. We have to deal with so many problems in our everyday lives that we learn new ways to deal with them. One such problem is ‘powercut’ – while in cities powercuts of a couple of hours may cause grieve inconvenience, some villages and small towns made do with our couple of hours of electricity daily! To give an immediate relief from powercuts and ensure that we have light 24×7 with or without electricity from mains, Su-Kam has joined hands with Fiem to create a bulb that works without electricity.

How This Indian  Bulb Works Without Electricity

You have to watch this short video to know how and why can this ‘Made in India’ bulb work in the absence of electricity. Please watch and share.



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