Innovative ‘Made in India’ Solar DC Power System Installed in England

Solar energy can help to provide electricity in areas where the grid supply has no way of reaching. Such far flung areas will be able to run completely on standalone solar systems.

Keeping this in mind we at Su-Kam, have introduced a solar DC system. 1 lakh pieces sold in over 90 districts in India, the solar DC system has proved to be a major success lighting up millions of homes.


Solar DC system is in built with a MPPT solar charge controller. It makes you totally energy independent and is the most efficient way to harness and use solar power. Here’s how:

– The solar panels generate DC electricity that goes through the DC system to power electrical load and excess is stored in battery for later use. The best thing is that there are NO power losses due to DC to AC conversion because the electrical load and batteries can run on DC. Whereas with other solar installations, DC electricity electricity generated by solar panels is converted in AC because the electrical load can run only on AC.

DC powered electrical equipment are the future because they are way more efficient than traditional AC. A DC bulb can last for 3000 hours and consumes less than 50% power as compared to AC tube-light!


It makes even more sense to use DC powered equipment with solar system because solar panels generate pure DC. Why waste the efficiency by converting it into AC?

Solar DC System Delights Customer in Nigeria and England

Here is a story of a civil engineer, working with the railway industry in England who bought the solar DC system from Su-Kam’s Nigeria outlet and got so impressed with the product that he now wants to become a Su-Kam dealer and sell Su-Kam’s DC system in UK and Nigeria.

Mr. Oladotun Koleoso is an entrepreneur motivated by his passion for the green energy he started two private companies ‘Microdot Ventures’ located in Nigeria established in 1994, dealing with electronic products and ‘Microdot Ltd’ a start up in UK registered in May 2015. Since then he has been looking for technologically advanced solar products that can help promote rural electrification.

He bought the solar DC system and tested it in his home over the weekend to understand it’s working. He says ‘I was able to connect a 24 inch DC TV to the device along with 10 DC bulbs (2 bulbs – 12 watts, 2 bulbs – 9 watts, 2 bulbs – 7 watts, 2 bulbs – 5 watts, 2 bulbs – 3 watts). The solar DC system worked perfectly and I was really impressed with its performance’.

Mr. Koleodo also says, ‘I connected a 100W fold-able solar panels with a 115AH battery to this unit to see how the charging from the sun will be and it worked quite well I am positive that this product will sell and it will really help to light up rural areas in Nigeria that have been devoid of electricity for days.’


Microdot Ventures has tied up with some government officials and is preparing to promote rural electrification by selling Su-Kam’s solar DC home lighting system. This is great news and Su-Kam hopes that the green energy industry will not only grow and expand but also eradicate air pollution, impending environmental downfalls, abusive use of non-renewable sources of energy and turn this world into a green planet in the near future.

To know more about Su-Kam’s DC system click on this link –



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