What happens if power fails ??

untitledIt’s 10PM, you are watching television at your home with your family. Suddenly the power goes off and it’s full dark. You do not even get to see a single ray of light as your whole locality has experienced a power cut.

You start fetching candles, get a couple of them but do not find matches to light them. You hear your small baby crying at the top of his voice but could not help at that point of time. Suddenly your old grandfather wants to go to the washroom but with no light he cannot even move. Suddenly you hear your wife shouting from the kitchen. She is struck over there, could not see anything. Things are really getting messed up.

You at last managed to get a torch but unfortunately the batteries have become too weak. What could be worse than this, while you head towards the kitchen to help your wife out you accidentally hit your baby on the way. He gets hurt and starts screaming even more.
It’s thirty minutes past ten and still you are in this situation. Moreover it’s real hot outside and everyone has started sweating. Now this situation has really turned unbearable.

But why should you experience this sort of a situation when you get Inverters. Inverters are easily available in market and one can highly afford them. You place an Inverter at your home and enjoy non-stop power supply. You just need to check out the Inverter depending upon the amount of energy you need at your home. See to it that whether the Inverters are safe and pollution free.

blogNowadays Inverters come with Sealed Maintenance Free Batteries (SMF). These batteries are fully sealed and they do emit lead fumes and are perfectly suited for indoor purposes. Su-Kam Inverters offer you the best facilities. They come with SMF Batteries and do not pollute at all. Infact Su-Kam provides you everything you could possibly need for all your power back-up requirements.




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