It Happens Only in India: Solar Powered Indo-German Dhaba in Punjab


Have you heard of a Indo-German Dhaba? That too at outskirts of Ludhiana in Punjab? If you are thinking that this roadside Dhaba serves German food then you’re wrong! Turns out that the Dhaba is called ‘Indo-German’ because the owner’s brother who lives in Germany has set up a restaurant there with the same name – ‘Indo-German Vaishno Dhaba’ – and that restaurant does serve German and Indian food. We Indians are an interesting lot! Anyway let’s tell you how and why this unique dhaba decided to go solar.

Dhabas are the lifeline of highway commuters. They are a welcome pit stop for travellers as they serve delicious hot food and are open 24*7.

But did you know that electricity shortage is a huge problem dhaba owners have to grapple with?

Due to their far flung location, away from towns and cities, they do not get proper grid supply. So they are forced to rely on costly diesel generators to energize their business.

But things are changing. With solar gaining vast popularity, dhaba owners are adopting solar with open arms.


Here is the solar journey of Indo German Vaishno Dhaba in Samrala, Ludhiana.

Technical specifications:



Dhaba completely powered by solar energy

Now the full load runs on solar power all through the day. At 7am they shut down the grid supply and run their entire load on solar. After sunset the solar energy stored in the batteries power their appliances.

They don’t have to use generator anymore, enabling them to make huge savings.


Cost and payback period

The entire set up cost around Rs 5 lacs which will be easily recovered in 4.5 to 5 years. After the payback period the dhaba will have electricity free of cost. Isn’t it amazing!

You Can Go Solar Too

Weather you own a house, office or Dhaba, we have solar solutions for every need. Our solar products start from just Rs.4,000. To know more visit our solar website:

If you live in Punjab, and wish to reach someone local, then you can call our team member, Mr. Kuldeep. His number is 9514351598.



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