ITM University Runs on Solar and Saves Rs. 12 Lacs

Wow! It is great to see that another popular university has decided to save the environment (and bills) by going solar. Universities are perfect places for installing solar as they have good amount of rooftop space and operate during sunshine hours. Do read our detailed blog on why all Indian universities should go solar.

150KWp ITM University Gurgaon

Recently, a 150 KWP solar plant has been installed in the parking area of ITM University in Sector 23 Gurgaon.

Why Did ITM University Go Solar?

The premier university was spending a huge chunk of money on electricity bills. Another reason that made the university go solar was the fact that now mandatory for institutes in Haryana to install solar for energy and revenue generation. This solar plant will generate clean, green, renewable energy that will now power the university.

Technical Specifications of Grid-tie Solar Power System at ITM University

In addition, Sukam also designed the rooftop structure. About 23 tonnes of steel was used to build the superstructure for the roof in the parking area of the University.

How does this system work?

When sunlight falls on solar panels, they generate DC electricity which goes through an iron box to the inverters where the actual processing takes place. The inverter transforms the DC electricity to AC power to run the load. Also, the Grid-tie inverters have an inbuilt charge controller.

Massive Solar Savings for the University

The system will generate approximately two lakhs twelve thousand units of electricity per annum, which will amount to a saving of around Rs 12,72,000 in a year – and more than Rs. 2 crores in 25 years as the average life span of such an installation is between 20-25 years. This saving can then be easily redirected to provide better facilities to the students at the university.

Go Solar with Sukam

Going solar is probably the best decision that you can take. Why? Because it not only helps you dramatically cut down on your electricity bills but also ensures an uninterrupted power supply.

Dial 1800-102-7555 today and go solar in the easiest way!

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  1. it’s supposed to be “6 Grid-tie Inverters of 25KVA each” “not 6 Grid-tie Inverters of 25VA each” notice “KVA” “VA”

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