Few people are truly multi-faceted in personality, although many use the term with irritating recurrence and appalling non-chalance. One would have thought of Neeraj Kapil as a one-dimensional head-hunter pre-occupied with meeting the company’s recruitment goals, until one spoke with him and came out of it pleasantly surprised!

Neeraj hails from the town of Ambala, a place renowned for the Punjabi “can-do spirit” and a long association with the Indian Army. Indeed, his father served in the Armed Forces for a period of thirty-two years, and a young Neeraj was raised in the finest traditions of discipline, perseverance and ingenuous thinking.


Speaking-up for God’s most vulnerable: Neeraj doing his bit for the Environment with Su-Kam

Quiet appropriately, Neeraj read at the Indian Navy school and then went on to attend the well-renowned St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore for a masters in Environmental Sciences. His quest for education would then take him to Rajasthan for a post-graduation in Bioinformatics. It was then that Neeraj discovered the scientific temperament in his personality. At an age when most boys go chasing after girls and bikes, Neeraj was working on big Research and Development projects like rain water harvesting, dermatoglyphic (a painstakingly intense study of finger-prints to access information about the different aspect of whrols, loops and other features. Such a study affords the researcher comprehension of hereditary characters of the subject such as health, career traits etc.!) What’s more, Neeraj had the unique privilege of carrying out this project with the Indian Cricket and Hockey teams!


The real men (and women!) in blue: Neeraj (centre) with colleagues and friends of Team Su-Kam

Another distinguishing project Neeraj worked on as a student/ research scholar was on “MAGEE1 A CANCER RELATED PROTEIN.” To those of whom all this sounds Greek, it entailed working on certain cancer-pertaining structures of protein. So at a very early age, way before joining Su-Kam Power Solutions Limited, Neeraj was already performing “head-hunting” tasks, albeit of a slightly different kind! On a more serious note, Neeraj was engaged in potentially life-saving research in very important domains of science while still in college. And it was in college that Neeraj earned himself a patent for his pioneering work in research.


I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse: speaking at a Su-Kam seminar

After passing out in Rajasthan, Neeraj went to Bangalore with the aim of enrolling in the prestigious IISc. Thereupon, the necessity of gaining fruitful employment descended upon him and he took up a number of jobs in succession, working in various capacities in cities as far flung as Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.


All dressed-up and everywhere to go: Neeraj is in a relaxed mood

However, the intervention of fate was not to be discounted just yet! It’s just that in this instance the clouds of destiny were dark and heavy and menacing, with scant trace of a silver lining. Neeraj’s wife was eight months pregnant and he was forced to move to Chennai to attend to her. This required him to prioritise personal life over the profession, with the consequence that he would be rendered job-less for three anguishing months of September to December of 2011.

Nevertheless, the cliché that all clouds come with a silver lining was to prove true for Neeraj. In late 2011 he appeared in a series of interviews for an opening in Human Resources at Su-Kam Power Solutions Limited. And when there was no response from the Company for a certain period of time after the final interview and when Neeraj was pondering taking up another offer at a different Company, fate intervened again. Su-Kam hired him as a Team Recruitment Manager and soon-enough Neeraj found himself screening CVs and conducting induction processes for the Company. He was also entrusted with writing marketing proposals, for which surely his college-days propensity for writing poetry must have come in handy!

Within a period of six months of joining Su-Kam, Neeraj tells us, he grew in confidence and was eager to take on the bull of bigger challenges and responsibilities by the horns. Today he conducts the recruitment of employees across all rungs of the ladder. In his roughly twenty months of stay in the Company, Neeraj has performed tasks as varied as anchoring programmes and organising employee-recreation sessions.


All the world’s a stage: Neeraj as an anchor at a Su-Kam event

Neeraj confides that the Company affords its employees ample opportunities for skill-acquisition. The senior management of the Company listens more than dictates, and Neeraj himself benefited from it as a young upstart grappling to master the ropes. Besides, on account of there being an abundance of talent in the Company, there’s back-up always in close proximity for an employee needing to take the day off.

Neeraj also contends that the work environment is completely bereft of insecurity fostered by unhealthy competition amongst employees. The obstacles in head-hunting notwithstanding, Neeraj and his equally dedicated team of human-resource professionals managed to hire over nine hundred employees in the last year alone! He has also been awarded the “best employee” baton on many an occasion in his short but eventful career. It wouldn’t be out of place to state here that life has come a full circle for this wiz kid and former child prodigy. From the laboratories of Science to the glazed boardrooms of the corporate world, Neeraj’s career journey so far has been nothing short of the myriad contours of a rainbow in full splendour.



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