It’s a team effort at Su-Kam

My name is Ravinder Prasad Singh, and I am a senior executive in the Service Department of Su-Kam. I handle dispatch, logistics, etc. in that department. I started working with Su-Kam 13 years ago when I joined them in 1997. When I started here at Su-Kam, it was a small company with a handful of employees.

But with time, our team grew. We found the right kind of people coming on board. It was a team effort and we all worked very hard. Thanks to this effort that we have seen such a tremendous growth in the company. We were so busy with work that we didn’t realize when we became such a large company!

In all my years with the company, I have never faced a single problem. If ever there was one, I just thrashed it out with my boss or even our chief. Whenever there has been a problem, there has been unlimited support.

I still remember our tenth anniversary celebrations fondly. All the team members came together with friends and family and it was a day of fun. This camaraderie translates into work which makes the work environment excellent. Also, the co-ordination between team members is very good.

Su-kam and I have been parts of each others lives for many years now and I always wish it well. Many companies have come in as competition but we have marched ahead. It has a great reputation in the market and is very successful.

It is the company and its people that makes Su-Kam the perfect place to work.

Ravinder Prasad Singh




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